Cloud storage devices manage gegevens stored te the ether

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Cloud storage implements manage gegevens stored ter the ether

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Spil much spil wij might want to assume an “out of glance, out of mind” attitude about the gegevens wij ship to cloud storage services, the truth is that it needs almost spil much attention spil gegevens stored onsite. Some services opoffering basic devices to manage cloud storage, while others are more sophisticated, but to keep a finger on the pulse of cloud storage, you may need a third-party app.

Storage networks receive little attention — until they become spectacle bottlenecks te the IT infrastructure. Server virtualization and high-speed flash storage are putting unprecedented strains on storage networks. Our 2nd feature tells you how to unclog those arteries.

For the very first time te nine years, Fujitsu garnered enough responses ter our Quality Awards service and reliability survey for enterprise arrays. That didn’t just waterput Fujitsu te among the other finalists, it waterput the newcomer ter the winner’s circle.

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Features ter this punt

Managing cloud storage: Instruments to control your deployment

Whether your company is using public, hybrid or a private storage cloud, you need implements to manage, monitor and keep track of the stored gegevens.

The state of storage network architecture

Storage networks are fighting with virtualized server environments and flash storage. Your company’s storage network may need a major upgrade.

Fujitsu takes the Quality Award for enterprise storage arrays

Te our ninth annual Quality Awards survey for enterprise arrays, Fujitsu didn’t just make the cut, it took the cake by earning top honors.

Companies have high expectations for their disaster recovery test project

Disaster recovery is a standard fixture ter most gegevens centers, our most latest survey finds 77% of respondent organizations have a DR project ter place.

Columns te this punt

The future of gegevens storage: Storage vendors’ predictions

It seems spil if every vendor has a mystic on staff who can predict the future of the storage industry. Here’s what they think wij can look forward to.

Software-defined infrastructure or how storage becomes software

Maybe there truly is something behind all this “software-defined storage” talk — but maybe it doesn’t mean what I think it means.

Hybrid monster offers more secure verkeersopstopping sync and share

The very first collaboration and file-sharing services were cloud-based, but firms might be more convenient with hybrid or on-premises implementations.

Storage for virtual servers getting smarter

Fresh products designed from the ground up to specifically serve storage for virtual servers can offerande dramatic savings te terms of dollars and the time spent managing storage.

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