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Emus that lived isolated on Australia’s offshore islands until the 19th century, including Kangaroo Island, King Island and Tasmania, were smaller versions of their larger mainland relatives – and their overall assets size .

Neanderthal nose: All the better to breathe with

Neanderthals had large, protruding noses to warm and humidify cold, dry air, a explore into the distinct vormgeving of our extinct European cousin’s face suggested Wednesday.

Scholarly snowball: Deep learning paper generates big online collaboration

Bioinformatics professors Anthony Gitter and Casey Greene set out te summer 2016 to write a paper about biomedical applications for deep learning, a hot fresh artificial intelligence field striving to mimic the neural networks .

Wise ink adds fresh dimensions to 3-D printing

Researchers at Dartmouth Collegium have developed a brainy ink that turns 3D-printed structures into objects that can switch form and color. The innovation promises to add even more functionality to 3D printing and could pave .

Bowhead whales, the ‘jazz musicians’ of the Arctic, sing many different songs

Spring is the time of year when birds are singing via the Northern Hemisphere. Far to the north, underneath the ice, another lesser-known muziekstuk season ter the natural world is just coming to an end.

Astrophysicists opbergmap the infant universe te 3-D and detect Four,000 early galaxies

Astronomers today announce one of the largest 3D maps of the infant Universe, ter a presentation at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science ter Liverpool. A team led by Dr David Sobral of Lancaster University made .

Artificial intelligence helps to predict likelihood of life on other worlds

Developments ter artificial intelligence may help us to predict the probability of life on other planets, according to fresh work by a team based at Plymouth University. The investigate uses artificial neural networks (ANNs) to classify .

Magnetic hot catches sight of on neutron starlets get through for millions of years

A investigate of the evolution of magnetic fields inwards neutron starlets shows that instabilities can create intense magnetic hot catches sight of that sustain for millions of years, even after the starlet’s overall magnetic field has decayed .

Perseus cluster: Scientists astonished by relentless cosmic cold vuurlijn

A gigantic and resilient “cold vuurlijn” hurtling through the Perseus galaxy cluster has bot studied using gegevens from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. This cosmic weather system spans about two million light years and has bot .

Scientists merge statistics, biology to produce significant fresh gene computational contraption

The cells ter our figures express themselves ter different ways. One cell might waterput a chunk of genetic code to work, while another cell disregards the same information entirely. Understanding why could spur fresh stem cell therapies, .

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