Can I use Android for bitcoin mining?

I answered this precies question earlier…. Here wasgoed my response.

Negative. You need a pc with a processor capable of treating the “mining.” Mining turns your rekentuig into a mathematical genius, attempting to solve complicated algorithms. If your fortunate pc gets it “right” then you are rewarded with a multitude of bitcoin. I believe it’s somewhere around 12.Five.

However, to run just ONE mining rekentuig equipment, one can expect to pay spil much spil $200 toegevoegd vanaf month te tens unit just to continuously operate the system. The chances of your rekentuig hitting are about that of a lottery. (Assuming you are only running one equipment.) Some people have joined mining societies or groups ter which those computers involved share the take. But, even this leaves you with only a fraction of a bitcoin and may or may not voorkant your basic electro-therapy cost for the year. It’s also worth noting that your processor can crap out lightly from being run so hard 24/7, so there is that expense too.

Real time miners are called farmers, and they have dozens if not hundreds of computers mining at the same time. Essentially there are farming operations that cost spil much spil $40k+ vanaf MONTH just to operate.

Instead of mining and having to buy a fresh system AND paying for the electro-stimulation at approximately $5k/year, I would personally just buy myself Two BTC at the going rate. But that’s just mij.

You can “mine” Bitcoins or ETH using your android phone’s processor but I’m afraid you won’t be able to actually “mine” any amount of coins. By Mining I mean generating fresh coins, the entire process of Bitcoin mining has become 1000x more ingewikkeld spil compared to what it wasgoed, say Trio or Four years ago when people could actually mine some coins using the graphics card ter their CPU. The profit wasgoed very deficient or even none ter most cases. Mining is all about making random guesses and requires special softwares tosolve math problems which are not logical ter nature but total guesses. This gets even ingewikkeld when you know you have competitors all around the world, doing the same thing better than you because they have better mining system. Your chances becomes very very less and thus Mining is not something you would want to do with anything less capable, let alone your android phone.

That being said, I would encourage you to research about it before you actually go ahead and begin mining. Spil far spil the nature of your question is worried, I’m assuming you don’t have much idea about mining process.

Alternatively, you can go for cloud mining. You can also rent equipments online to see if it benefits you. This option is not recommended for a beginner because about 95 procent of sites that voorkoop to be a cloud mining service provider, are a total ponzie scheme or total bullshit so don’t go for one unless you’ve done a thorough research about them.

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