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Good News from Genesis Mining today. Fresh contracts for Ethereum Mining a available for pre-order.

Time to check the current possible profitability and compare #GenesisMining with #Hashflare.

Genesis Mining

Just today I fell overheen the newest suggest from Genesis. Right now you are able to pre-order ETH mining contracts after Genesis did not offerande any capacity for a long time. Before rushing to their webstek and buy, there are three things to consider:

Profitability spil of today

The fresh offerande comes with a price tag of 1520 USD vanaf 40 MH/s which seems pretty massive invest for a Two year contract. To figure out the ROI I will look at good old coinwarz webstek and check the metrics. (I added a listig to the zakjapanner at the end of the postbode)

Spil you can see the contract will need almost 330 days until ROI spil of today. Always reminisce that price of ETH has a massive effect on the ROI, also mining complexity increases so the 330 days might still be optimistic. Also te this case I did not calculate any pool fees.

The total assumed profit after one is just $1,682.42 if wij deduct initial invest of $1,520 the nipt profit would only add up to $160 for year one.

Te year two obviously there would be no further investment so total profit (excl. ETH price volatility and complexity increase) would be approx. $1,844 which equals to approx 120%.

There are no maintenance fees at Genesis.

You will have to judge if you wish to lock your money for this time framework and speculate on Ethereum to further rise te price massively.

Switch of Mining methodology

It is assumed that ETH mining will switch from POW (Proof of Work) to POS (Proof of Stake) te the near future. If this is the case, you Ethereum mining contract will no longer be able to generate ETH.

Genesis clearly states that te case this happens, the contracts will be moved to the most profitable other Altcoins and proceed to work for you during the remaining contract time.

You need to be aware that you may end up mining something different. Good thing here: Ethereum miners do have a pretty nice range of coins that can be mined spil opposed to the ASIC Miners that are focused on Bitcoins.

Limitation to existing customers

Right now the webstek states that this opoffering can only be pre-ordered by existing customers. You may wish to check back zometeen if this switches.

Ter general Genesis has bot out there for a while. I personally trust them since they have not bot selling contracts for some time now. To mij this is a good sign for a valid business prototype.


Hashflare has bot selling various mining contracts for a while and exists for some years spil of now. Just lately SHA-256 (Bitcoin) receive a low stock warning but Ethereum ETH mining is still available without limitations.

Profitability spil of today

Prices of Hashflare are calculated ter $Two,20 vanaf 100 KH/s so wij will have to do some calculations to get to 40 MH/s.

1 MH/s = 1,000 KH/s = $Two,20 x Ten = $22

40 MH/s = 40,000 KH/s = $22,00 x 40 = $880

To get to the Two year omschrijving, obviously $1.760 which is a premium of $240 you pay for Hashflare. BUT this is only half of the truth.

Let us assume that you wish to spend $1,520 te total, this would permit you to purchase a total of Sixty nine.09 MH/s at Hashflare. Obviously only running for one year but lets look at those figures:

ROI is at 191 days here and the overall profit is $Two,905.96 removing $1,520 this will be approx. $1,385 which is about 91% ter one year. Still not too bad.

Switch of Mining methodology

Until now there is no official comment on the upcoming switch and its influence on the hashflare contracts. There have bot press releases tho’ about Hashflare Two.0 which might include some more plasticity on coins you are mining. Details are unknown tho’.


The contracts available on Hashflare are not limited right now. You can basically begin mining instantly. This also permits common re-investment strategies spil stock is not expected to run out soon.


Both contracts, based on current ETH price and mining complexity, promiss nice profits, while Hashflare might have quicker ROI. Overheen two years Genesis would be more profitable however.

Assuming that you are able to reinvest your earnings into Hashpower for a while the possible profit rises exponentially. The chance to reinvest tho’ seem to be higher at Hashflare from latest practices.

If you want to get into mining business, both might be interesting for you. Possible gains with onmiddellijk investments into coins could be more profitable if you select the right coins or invest te an ICO. (See my latest postbode about ICOs here:

Spil all cryptocurrency investments also CloudMining incorporates large risks. Since you do not own the miners yourself you might liberate your money te case anything bad happens. (Hack, Fire, Scam or worse)

If you are interested ter Cloud Mining and wish to embark today, you may wish to use following affiliate linksom. Thesis will help mij too.

Genesis Mining registration:

If you wish to embark trading Altcoins and not yet have an account at Binance you may want to use following verbinding:

Coinwarz Ethereum Rekenmachine:

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I am no financial advisor, strafgevangenis do I recommend you to invest ter any of the mentioned cryptocurrencies or mining operations. It is your own responsibility to validate risks and assure that you can afford any investments. Cryptocurrency can lead to 100% loss of your investments. I can not be made liable for any loss from your deeds.

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