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Just now Apple has brought the iMac Voor ter the market, already are fresh models te the embarking blocks. Our forecast.

Apple has more than three items on the list. ..

Last year, Tim Cook, contrary to Apple`s past practices, has given puny and larger insights into future Mac models. The iMac Professional wasgoed officially announced ter June and is now available, but ter 2018 there will also be a fresh Mac Professional and a fresh Mac Mini. The iMac Professional came on the market te December 2018, spil Apple had promised, but the top versions with 14 and Eighteen cores are moving into the fresh year.

Mac Mini with A11 CPU

At least since the A11 Bionic, which Apple uses ter the current iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the rumors are thriving about an ARM-based Mac again, this time, however, with some realistic fundamentals. The A11 Bionic is based on Apple`s 64-bit six-core ARM architecture, which, unlike its A10 predecessor, can all work at the same time. Te addition, a powerful graphics unit is used, which also provides three cores. CPU-like benchmarks (such spil Geekbench) have given the A11 Bionic a computational speed comparable to that of the current Intel CPUs used by Apple, for example, te the Macbook Professional.

very first comes close or even surpasses

, Even a single A11 core comes close to the spectacle of an Intel Core i5 with Three.1 GHz clock. If Apple releases all six cores of the A11 for macOS, the chip should be altogether even quicker than a Core i5 ter the current 13-inch Macbook Voor, which already uses Kaby Lake CPUs.

This concept probe by 3D rendering king Martin Hajek shows a possible Apple TV, but a Mac Mini with ARM CPU look.

Actually, the A11 should be better for mobile Macs, but technically makes an ARM chip ter the stationary Mac Mini fairly sense. Power consumption, and especially the cooling of the components could provide for a much smaller size of the Mac Mini. It could not be much larger than a current Apple TV, a technical fundament would be with the Apple TV even for the most part available, one would have to supplement them only by standard interfaces, such spil USB Trio Type C. Apple could use the Mac Mini spil a kleintje of test verhoging for ARM-based Macs without taking a chance addressing the millions of mobile Macs ter the marketplace.

The latest generation of Intel`s ",Coffee Lake", is expected to be introduced te the Macbook, Macbook Professional, and iMac models te 2018.

© Intel [1] 19659036] Even for Apple`s smallest mobile Mac, the fanless Macbook is likely to give a Coffee Lake update, albeit Intel has not yet announced Core-M versions of the Coffee Lake architecture. It should be ready by the end of the year.

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Fresh 15-inch Macbook Professional with Coffee Lake CPU and 6 cores, 13-inch Macbook Professional with Four cores for the very first time

Macbook with Core-M CPU on a coffee-lake poot

iMac, iMac Professional

A mystery about the iMac Professional, which Apple very first demonstrated to the WWDC te June 2018, is exposed: The question of the processor! Apple uses chips from Intel`s brand fresh Xeon W series, which is based on the Skylake architecture. Only ter September 2018, Intel had officially unveiled the fresh server and workstation CPUs. An indication of which chip exactly Apple uses (especially what clock frequency), you get by the TDP value (Thermal Vormgeving Power), which is a control value for the power consumption and the necessary cooling capacity. The fastest 27-inch iMac presently available works with the Intel Core i7 K7700 with Four.Two GHz base clock. Intel has a TDP of 91 watts for this chip. Since the case of the iMac Professional is based on a similar vormgeving to that of the current 27-inch iMac, one can assume that Apple will use CPUs with not much higher TDP. The 18-core Xeon W models embark at a TDP of 140 watts (Xeon W-2195) and go up to 200 watts (Xeon Gold 6154). Apple is unlikely to use the 200-watt version te iMac Voor. One can therefore assume that it will be the Xeon W-2195, which operates at a base clock frequency of Two.Trio GHz. Ter turbo boost mode, the clock goes up to at least Four.Three GHz. That coincides with

Apple`s previous information on the 18-Kerner

, It will be titillating to see how Apple realizes the cooling te the snugger case, without making the iMac Professional spil noisy spil a vacuum cleaner.

Versions with 14 and Eighteen IMac Voor cores will be launched te January 2018

The very first copies of the iMac Voor are presently shipping to customers, but for the ogenblik only the 8 and Ten core versions. Models with 14 and Legal cores will not be released until the beginning of 2018, then wij will know more.

The other, ",normal", iMac models could touch Apple 2018 spil well. Eventually wij will see the very first six-core version with Coffee Lake CPUs. However, this may ter some ways cannibalize the iMac Professional, which eventually will be ter versions with eight cores. Should a six-core Coffee Lake iMac reach the entry-level configuration of the iMac Voor (eight cores, Skylake architecture) ter terms of computing power, Apple should remain with the standard iMac ter the Kaby Lake CPUs with a maximum of four cores ter 2018 , fairly simply, to keep the distance.

Xeon W is the name of the chip that Intel has developed for workstations. It is used ter the iMac Voor.

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The iMac Voor comes te 14- and 18-core versions on the market

Fresh ",normal", iMac models with Coffee Lake CPUs and possibly six cores

Mac Voor and HDR / 8K Display

A entire fresh Mac Professional should be a real highlight te 2018. Albeit Apple will be addressing professional users spil early spil 2018 with the iMac Voor, there is still a strong request for a professional Mac that does not come te an all-in-one vormgeving. Fears that Apple will discontinue the Mac Voor ter favor of the iMac Professional, the Mac manufacturer has given a clear rejection. Already ter the press release for the iMac Professional Apple announced that there will be another Mac Professional, which will be lighter to upgrade than that

, which already has four years on its back. It should be totally redesigned and based on a modular system. There will be a fresh high-end display that Mac users have bot waiting for. Well, what exactly does that mean?

The Xeon W is still based on the Skylake architecture and wij made it ter a 14nm process.

A modular system certainly means that Apple will say goodbye to the fully integrated system of the 2013 Mac Voor , It wasgoed based on the premise that systems with two graphics cards will prevail. That did not toebijten. Instead, users are busy exchanging their movie cards at high frequency spil soon spil swifter versions become available. This is not possible with the previous Mac Voor, since it does not have a standard interface for graphics cards. So, a fresh Mac Voor will again come with PCI Express slots that will gezond full-length cards. That alone suggests the case vormgeving. It will get thicker, and certainly square again. The Mac Professional Vormgeving from 2010 is no longer ter question, it is too big and too expensive. The space for optical drives is no longer needed. Instead, the 2018 Mac Professional will be somewhere te inbetween. It will be petite and effortless to open. Perhaps Apple will fall back on the idea of the ",om",, which wasgoed very first introduced with the Power Mac G3. It works out the motherboard fully on one side and thus has free access to all internal components. A fine idea!

Curved produced this vormgeving probe of the fresh modular Mac Voor. Even if the ",flap", technically could hardly be implemented te this way, the fresh Mac Professional could basically look like this.

The question of the processors used should also be clear by now. The Mac Voor has always bot based on Intel Xeon CPUs and will therefore use similar versions that are used te the iMac Voor. However, Apple does not have to pay much attention to a low TDP, a fresh Mac Professional will certainly have a much better cooling spectacle than the iMac Voor. If you take a look at the list of available Xeon-W versions, your heart strikes quicker because Intel does not zekering here at Legal cores. Apple should ter the Fresh Mac Professional CPUs with a TDP of 165 watts, server CPUs with not less than 28 cores conceivable (Intel Skylake-SP Platinum 8176). That would be a stark improvement to the previous Mac Voor and also an immense spectacle leap compared to the iMac Professional. Intel also offers this chip te an ",M", version, which permits up to 1.Five TB (!) RAM. Such a Mac Voor would be ready for at least the next four years. A hint with the fence postbode can be found directly at Apple: The current version of Logic Professional (

) supports up to 36 cores, but the fresh iMac Voor has ",only", Legal.

When it comes to display, it would be demonstrable to make the 4K and 5K displays of the current 21.5- and 27-inch iMacs available spil independent monitors. But Apple does not have to zekering here. HDR (

High Dynamic Range

) is a topic that has not even mastered the iMac Voor. However, a certified HDR-capable display vereiste create at least a maximum brightness of 1000 cd / sqm, which is not trivial! But if you want to professionally produce and edit HDR movie content, you need such a display. Apple could once again make the pioneer and opoffering an HDR-capable display that sets fresh standards te resolution at the same time. 8K is already te the beginning blocks spil a successor to 4K. Recently, Apple has missed its professional movie programs Final Cut Professional X and Movement the 8K capability, but what if there is no suitable display to it? Apple will switch that, towards the end of 2018, along with the fresh modular Mac Voor, an 8K display will also be on the market, which will be HDR-capable, at least with 30-inch screen diagonal. Such a combination would be missing ter any serious filmrolletje studio ter the world.

An 8k display, with more 30-inch diagonal and HDR capability, would getraind nicely with the fresh Mac Professional

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