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What do wij all like to do on the Fresh Year’s Eve? Of course to project our future and also to sum up the results of the previous year. Following the tradition, wij would like to share with you what wasgoed the year 2018 like for HashCoins and its major projects — HashFlare and Polybius. Perhaps a peek into the past will tell what to expect from 2018.

And now wij pass the word to the representatives of the projects!


2018 wasgoed vibrant. The wave of rente towards cryptocurrencies and mining has risen unexpectedly and has washed out everything on its path — only the most persistent could withstand. Fortunately, HashFlare is one of those projects that managed to cope with exponentially growing rente towards cryptocurrencies.

Yes, despite some difficulties we’ve faced (could it be otherwise?), 2018 wasgoed successful:

  • This year number of our users has doubled.
  • Wij have expanded our technical support staff — the number of people ter this division has grown (at the beginning of the year there were only two of them), and the number will proceed to increase.
  • The number of programmers te our team has enormously risen — among them those who are engaged te ongoing support of the project, those who develop an updated version of the service, and the separate team that develops blockchain products.
  • Wij are working hard on the elaboration of HashFlare Two.0 — a part of preparatory work has already bot done, particularly ter December we’ve carried out server migration.
  • Te 2018 we’ve tooled a fresh gegevens centre te Iceland and proceed to expand!
  • Eventually, we’re gravely considering the possibility of adding fresh mining contracts te the fresh year.
  • Of course this year wij had to make many raunchy decisions. The most clamorous one wasgoed the transition to fixed-term contracts that is related to the enhancing request and a limited equipment availability on the market.

Without any exaggerations the last quarter of 2018 wasgoed indeed mind-blowing for the cryptocurrency world — everything and everyone were gargled away, spil well spil our processing services — the network stood still, and transactions didn’t go through. All thesis problems are related to the immaturity of cryptocurrencies, but ter fact, this is a makeshift phenomenon. Next year wij look forward to functional upgrade not only of our services but the entire Bitcoin network. That means everything is going to be much swifter, more stable, more reliable and more convenient than it is now.


We’ve talked a lotsbestemming about the preparatory work that wasgoed carried out this year, and eventually, wij are ready to response the question bothering thousands of Polybius token holders — “What is going on? Is anything happening at all?”

Te early 2018 the Polybius project wasgoed fully compiled, and its idea seemed to be tempting not only to us but also to the general public — for implementation of the project wij were able to conduct a very successful ICO — it wasgoed among the most successful ones by the standards of summer 2018.

What have wij done since then?

  • A professional with global financial practice is officially joining us spil a co-founder and CEO. Wij will be able to disclose his name spil early spil te January 2018.
  • Wij proceed to form the backbone of specialists among whom there will be people with the most diverse practice including te global finance. A loterijlot of fresh things will emerge on our webstek which by the way will also be updated te 2018.
  • Spil mentioned earlier wij are working on improving the spectacle of the Polybius Wallet. During January and February, wij are going to update the verhoging which will eliminate about 90% of the problems te its voorstelling which at the ogenblik cause dissatisfaction among users.
  • Wij are working on the legal structure of the enterprise and have planned the course of the upcoming audit.
  • Wij have finalised our business proefje which will be published ter the very first quarter of 2018. It will include our vision of the project infrastructure and the analysis of the market to inject very first.
  • Te the setting of market analysis, wij will also disclose our plans for the jurisdiction of business incorporation.
  • Wij have launched some prototypes of the future infrastructure into development or have already developed some of them — for example, the Authorizer service is already finished and is now being tested. You can also give it a attempt.
  • Since the project will be primarily based on the integration of financial systems, the key factor of our system is the mechanism for authentication and authorisation of users. Wij already have a clear understanding of how wij are going to bring DigitalPass into being — the documentation is ready, MVP will be ready at the beginning of the year, and during spring wij project to test it on the HashFlare podium. At the same time wij are negotiating with other service providers who might be interested te using DigitalPass.
  • At the ogenblik wij are preparing to adopt major regulations such spil PSD2 (regulates access to banking gegevens by third parties) and GDPR (regulation on individual gegevens protection).

Ultimately, wij compile and describe company’s development trajectory (so-called roadmap) — this is the project for our further development which wij also are going to share with you te early 2018.

Behind all of the preparatory work is a yam-sized amount of paper pursue, without which, however, it is unlikely to commence any project. At the uur wij have ready and sent documents to a considerable amount of companies that will be engaged te servicing or working with us. It is referred to the developers who will work on the DigitalPass and the infrastructure of the project, spil well spil agencies that will prepare documents and a legal base needed to appeal for a license. Eventually, wij are working through our legal agreements and have already signed contracts with the key vrouwen who will provide us financial and business consulting services.

The main thing wij are aiming right now is cooperation with the auditor who by the summer of 2018 will have to check company’s financial statements for the current year. Among other things, the auditor will recalculate funds and check the wallets to make sure wij have reflected all the gegevens correctly. Our accountants are already preparing for this time-consuming process.

Thus at the time, almost all preparatory work has bot done. The implementation of our plans will start ter 2018. Next December wij are looking forward to being able not only to please you with recaps or prototypes but with an entirely operational product.

Summing up helps to assess own strengths and capabilities and still think about prospects and plans for 2018. Next year wij are going to introduce you some titillating and useful blockchain products. And, of course, wij will proceed working on our existing projects. Stay tuned!

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