Man says he hacked laptops at Sharaf DG to mine cryptocurrency

He claims to have hacked the display laptops to mine 9000 AED worth of cryptocurrency.

Ter a latest postbode ,published by Telegraph - ,an anonymous blogging verhoging – a customer claimed to have used the display laptops of the UAE-based electronics retailer, ,Sharaf DG, to mine cryptocurrency.

Ter his blog postbode, the individual writing under the name ",Not Gonna Tell ,)", explained how it all happened.

He had originally ordered and paid for a specific phone at the retail store, before switching his mind and opting for a different phone instead.

He called the mobile support line to let them know the purchased phone wasgoed no longer required and they should, alternatively, send him the other phone he had te mind.

Spil a response, , the retailer told the customer to cancel the existing rangschikking ,and place a fresh order for the phone he wished to own.

Despite the financial setback ,and the cost of toughly 3000 AED ($816.77), he placed a separate order whilst waiting for the refund on the very first one.

Shortly after canceling his very first order, he received an email informing him that the phone will be delivered tomorrow.

He claimed to have called the store several times to explain that this order needed to be canceled and there wasgoed no need for a delivery.

The courier turned up at his huis address anyway to produce the ,phone ,he had already canceled. , Of course, ,he sent ,it back.

Five days zometeen, he received his money back. minus Legitimate AED ($Four.90) delivery charges. This is when he  ,emailed them to ask for the Legal AED to be refunded but claimed the store either overlooked him or never replied to his messages.

9000 AED worth of cryptocurrency!

Spil an act of vengeance, the customer claimed to have hacked the display laptops at Sharaf DG to mine 9000 AED ($2450.31) worth of cryptocurrency.

He said he liquidated the antivirus software, installed the miner on the laptops, and spread it across the network te the store.

",Very ordinary implementation, since the PCs have admin access,", said the anonymous blogger.

",Notice your laptops running a bit hot lately? Good, I only needed Trio months to mine what equals to around 9000 AED worth of XMR using my very own mining farm, sponsored by you,", he added.

The postbode wasgoed zometeen collective on Reddit. , Some people were skeptical while others hailed him spil a genius. ,

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