Can You Earn Bitcoin With USI-Tech

This USI-Tech review comes at the request of one of our readers. The company offers automated trading systems for both foreign exchange, and Bitcoin. Wij will look at both but our main concentrate will be on the Bitcoin packages suggested by USI-Tech.

USI-Tech promotes their system using multi-level marketing, where existing members can earn a commission from any investments made from people they refer to the system spil well spil people their referrals sign up (with a downline to 12 levels). Here at The Finance Stud, wij believe you can’t make money with MLM, but wij are willing to be proven wrong!

What is USI-Tech

USI-Tech is a technology company, based ter Dubai, which specializes ter automated trading software. For 600 Euros, you could have purchased a lifetime access to their foreign exchange robot trader, which butt-plugs into the popular MT4 trading toneelpodium. Wij understand that spil of November 2018, this product is no longer being sold to fresh members.

Te March 2018, USI-Tech released their bitcoin package, which enables clients to automate their mining and trading of Bitcoin. Each package costs the omschrijving of 50 Euros (paid te Bitcoin). The aim of the Bicoin package is to make regular payments of approximately 1% vanaf day for 140 trading days (Five days a week). Thesis payments are a combination of any profits generated and your original capital.

At maturity, you will have received payments adding to a total of 140% of the original Bitcoin you invested. That’s a terugwedstrijd on your investment of 40% te around 6 months. Thesis comebacks are after all fees charged. You’d fight to find a better rate of comeback te the current investment market.

Wij observed a movie about the USI bitcoin package, which explains how it works. Profits are made from mining altstem coins and daily arbitrage trading of Bitcoin. Arbitrage trading involves trading Bitcoin on several exchanges and taking advantage of any differences ter the price of Bitcoin inbetween exchanges.

If you are fresh to cryptocurrencies, then this very likely sounds like some sort of foreign language. Mining is the infrastructure of any cryptocurrency. Miners provide the computing power to maintain the integrity of the currency. Miners can confirm transactions and accept any switches made to the currency through a ‘overeenstemming’ system.

Spil an investor, what you indeed want to know, is that mining cryptocurrencies can be profitable. Miners earn an allocation of cryptocurrency every time they are the very first to successfully solve an equation for fresh coins. The supply of cryptocurrencies is enhanced at a managed rate, and freshly minted coins are distributed to miners.

USI-Tech have chosen to mine altstem coins (crytocurrencies other than Bitcoin) because at this time, they feel that thesis are more profitable. Wij assume that they convert the altstem coins to Bitcoin which is then paid out to investors who hold Bitcoin packages. The current target comes back and entry price of the USI-Tech Bitcoin package are shown te the picture below:

How Do You Make Money With USI-Tech

If the trading software performs spil they voorwaarde it will, then you can theoretically let your fiat currency increase passively. However, the more attractive USI-Tech option seems to be their Bitcoin package, which grows at a rate of 40% every 6 months. If you reinvest your daily payouts te more Bitcoin packages, then you could potentially achieve an even higher rate of come back

The other way to potentially earn income from USI-Tech, is from their MLM referral system. Unlike any MLM wij have looked at before, you can earn Bitcoin with USI-Tech without spending any of your own money. This is because they permit you to join USI-Tech for free. You can earn referral commission on up to 10% from anyone who you personally refer, even if you don’t buy any packages yourself.

Wij have tested this, and can confirm that they will credit you with 10% commission for very first level referrals. Wij set up a Finance Fellow USI-Tech membership. To unlock the total MLM incentive down to 12 levels, you need to buy 12 packages. At 50 Euros each, that’s an investment of 600 Euros worth of Bitcoin.

An update spil of November 2018

USI-Tech is ter the process of launching their own cryptocurrency which will be called ‘Techcoin’ (UTC). USI-Tech members can buy tokens which will be converted into the fresh Techcoin once it officially starts trading. Wij will talk more about the tokens zometeen.

The commission you can earn at each level is shown below

USI-Tech Commission paid down to 12 levels of referrals

Ter order to earn commission on levels Two – 12, you need to have 12 active Bitcoin packages. Once you have 12 packages, you will become a ‘distributor’. Spil the people you have referred also buy their 12 packages, they will become distributors. Te other words to earn commission on the 2nd level, you need to find Trio friends who are willing to buy 600 Euros worth of Bitcoin packages.

This is similar to how most MLM compensation plans work. There is however one key difference with USI-Tech which wij think makes it worthwhile to give them a slok. This is that it’s free to join USI-Tech, and you can earn 10% without buying any packages yourself. You can choose to risk spil little spil 50 Euros on 1 package, and then buy more packages once the commission and daily payouts embark coming ter.

USI-Tech has an advantage overheen most MLMs because there is literally no upfront cost to join. You are also free to invest spil much or spil little spil you feel comfy with. There is no pressure to buy product every month even if you don’t want or need it. Wij think that you won’t lose money with USI-Tech, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to make you a millionaire.

What are USI-Tech Tokens

If you don’t own any USI Token packages, then you can only earn at the BTC Package commission level. If your referrals buy USI-Tech Tokens you will still earn commission. Wij have not purchased any tokens but have seen a duo of commissions come through when people te our team have bought them.

Gold, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond commissions can only be earned from the sale of to USI-Tech Tokens. To qualify for thesis commissions you have to buy the corresponding Token package. The prices of each package and the number of Tokens you can get is shown below:

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