Conspiracy theories spil network graphs: antigravity, Illuminati

This is an attempt at visualizing different conspiracy theories. The visualization attempts to showcase interconnectedness of actors, organizations and concepts ter each one, so a network graph wasgoed chosen spil a mode of presentation. The introduced theories are: The Antigravity Drive, Chemtrails, The Cabal (American deep state from JFK assassination to 9/11), The Illuminati/Fresh World Order, and the most latest, the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappearance. Ter a way, it’s a progression from the previous network visualization about the PRISM scandal, which wasgoed once also considered a conspiracy theory.

I chose this topic because those theories always attracted mij spil a means of alternative explanation of things that I couldn’t understand te official versions of events. That is not to say that I necessarily believe te any of them. For example, I’d be hard pressed to believe te the Moon Landing Hoax theory, which I very first included here because of relative ease of gathering source material, but zometeen discarded because of its relatively low value. The Flt 370 theory has utterly low credibility too, and I wonder what I’ll think when this postbode is a year old.

Some of the others, for example Nick Cook’s antigravity drive thesis, are utterly well researched, and many eminent scientists emerge to believe at least part of it, if wij are to believe his book The Hunt for Zero Point: Inwards the Classified World of Antigravity Technology.

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Conspiracies and conspiracy theories

A conspiracy, according to Wikipedia ” … may also refer to a group of people who make an agreement to form a partnership te which each member becomes the juut or playmate of every other member and engage te programma or agreeing to commit some act.“. This is a pretty broad definition. It can apply to a government, a company, or every group of people who are attempting to further an notulen, be it good or bad for their natural or social environment. But anything labelled spil a conspiracy almost always has an evil association, for example “A civil conspiracy or collusion is an agreement inbetween two or more parties to deprive a third party of legal rights or deceive a third party to obtain an illegal objective.” (Wikipedia – civil conspiracy), or “In criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement inbetween two or more persons to commit a crime at some time te the future.” (Wikipedia – criminal conspiracy).

A conspiracy theory is therefore an attempt at explaining a real or imagined conspiracy. Te this sense, even official stories of various incidents are conspiracy theories, unless they are well founded te evidence and incontrovertible facts. Te a free society, a kleintje of market then forms of conspiracy theories, te which those with better means, but also more vested interests, challenge for public’s attention with other bods of citizenry, whose interests and aims can differ significantly. For example, a government can execute a false flag attack, spil the Nazis did te Poland at the beginning of WW2, and spin a theory that the other party did it, te order to go to war and grab land. The public may then be motivated to concoct a diversity of tegenstoot theories with various motives – simply seeking the truth, overthrowing the government by exposing the lies it tells, furthering some commercial zakagenda, for example selling books, or purely individual paranoid agendas, which serve no one else than the authors and their need to sustain their delusions.

Let mij shortly explain the theories I used ter this visualization. Very first two are fairly believable.

The Cabal: the story of American deep state and events from JFK assassination to 9/11 attacks

How the secret cabal of very influential boys formed behind US Government for the purpose of killing Voorzitter Kennedy, and how it zometeen evolved into a secret government that controls most of the aspects of American politics and life. Ter it: JFK and RFK assassinations, the presidential careers of the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 plot, and the murder of uncountable witnesses, politicians, and journalists who sought to expose them, including Sen. Paul Wellstone and even Hunter S. Thompson. Everything, according to the authors, has bot an inwards job.

The research has bot done by Mark Gorton, and material from visualization comes from his two essays (Fifty Years of Deep State and The Political Dominance of The Cabal) available on the Internet, but also from thesis books he references: How the CIA Managed The House Select Committee on Assassinations” Chapter 17 of “The Taking ofAmerica 1-2-3” by Richard Sprague, The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America by Peter Dale Scott, Defrauding America: Encyclopedia of Secret Operations by the CIA, DEA, and Other Covert Agencies by Rodney Stitch, George Thicket: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion by Gary Webb, and Compromised: Clinton, Pubic hair and the CIA , by Terry Read.

The Antigravity Drive

A story of how the Nazi staatsbestel allegedly developed a form of contra gravity propulsion ter total secrecy, made possible by a stringently compartmentalized environment, imposed on the German war production efforts by the SS. The technology wasgoed then seized by the US military and other allies after the war and developed further te utmost secrecy. The very first such machines everzwijn seen were so-called foo fighters. Thesis ball sack of light, sighted and documented by various US Air Force pilots, flew te parallel with bombers and fighter planes, and frequently executed seemingly unlikely air maneuvres. Also mentioned is a mythical machine The Glocke (The Bell), which ran on crimson mercury and wasgoed responsible for death of several scientists due to extreme radiation it produced, and the discoveries of Viktor Schauberger. His implosion engine, which drew powerfully on vortex physics, wasgoed allegedly successful, and produces two flying prototypes. The US military instantly grabbed and classified much of this work, and it stays secret until now. It’s said to be employed te B-2 bomber and various flying craft sighted around Area 51 ter Nevada. The story also goes to mention modern experiments te tegenstrijdig gravity physics, notably performed by Evgeniy Podkletnov, which allegedly succeeded ter reducing gravity overheen a spinning superconducting electromagnet for two procent.


A popular conspiracy theory about fat trails that civilian airliners leave ter their wake. Thesis chemical trails – spil opposed to regular vapor contrails – are said to contain microbiological material and strenuous metals, which seem to serve a multiplicity of purposes. Among them: population reduction through novel diseases, such spil Morgellons disease, which causes plastic fibers to grow through the skin, weather engineering for purpose of military dominance by the U.S., geoengineering to further reduce population, facilitation of communication with deeply submerged military submarines, and straight mind control ter conjunction with HAARP.

Illuminati / Fresh World Order

How a handful of secret societies predominate the world. The plot allegedly has its roots te The Bavarian Illuminati society, commenced te the eighteen century by Adam Weisshaupt. They were eradicated, but some optie they survived te a covert form, forging an alliance with international bankers. Most big world events since then were planned te advance, among them both the advent of Communism, Nazism and Zionism, World Wars, and the third too. Says Pike: “The Third World War vereiste be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” inbetween the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war vereiste be conducted ter such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually ruin each other. Meantime the other nations, once more divided on this kwestie will be constrained to fight to the point of accomplish physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall extract the Nihilists and the atheists, and wij shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which te all its horror will demonstrate clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.”

Te latest times, the organizations that further Illuminati goals are Council for Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers. Here are some books: The Illuminati: Facts &, Fiction by Mark Dice, and The Illuminati original by Adam Weisshaupt.

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappearance

A latest theory about the whereabouts of the missing plane. On it, there seemed to be an awful loterijlot of technical personnel, involved ter developing military hardware. They supposedly worked for a company named Freescale Semiconductors, which wasgoed ter a patent wrestle with the Rothschild family. Acording to the story, Israeli agents and elements of US military hijacked the plane and secretly flew it to Diego Garcia military base ter the Indian Ocean to debrief the experts and possibly use the plane te another 9/11-style attack te the future.

Construction and visualization of visualization networks

A few words for technologically minded. The networks were constructed by text-mining the source material, isolating known entities te sentences by means of massive dictionaries, connecting them te subnetworks (each sentence – one subnetwork), and eventually adding them te the master network for that topic. Only sentence-length subnetworks were constructed, albeit it would be most likely more fruitful to connect entities ter paragraphs too. That would yield a too convoluted master network, so I stayed with sentences for clarity.

The dictionaries were automatically generated from source texts, then edited, Many synonyms had to be added, since my dictionary generating mechanism relies more on brute force than on semantic aspects of text. Again, the connections are not semantic, which means that if there wasgoed a sentence “The Illuminati are NOT connected with the CFR”, Illuminati and CFR would still be connected. Here I’m relying on the power of statistics: te majority of sentences there mostly emerge connected entities. For the minority ter which they are not, the bonds inbetween them are too powerless to influence the big picture.

I did attempt to process volumes of texts with a natural language processing framework, namely Apache OpenNLP, but got frustrated with the amount of work that would be needed for this little hobby project. I’d need to train the classifiers to samenvatting named entities, which is no puny feat, and I’d very likely not use them again. To build up some insight ter types of connections inbetween thesis entities, I attempted parsing the sentences into parse trees, then samenvatting relationships, but parsing tech is not very accurate. It would very likely do, again relying on power of statistics, but the sheer amount of relationship types would add little to visual value of the graphs, so I determined that I’d do this with a simpler project very first. The logic I wrote is still te project source code, so if anyone is interested, mail mij (About pagina) and I’ll send it your way. Same goes for the graph files and the categorized dictionaries.

Eventually, the topic networks were exported spil subgraphs, so that every knot ter the network is represented by a subgraph. Thesis subgraphs are added into – or eliminated from – the master graph by the client. The networks ter Browser are managed by sigma.js. Preliminary analysis wasgoed done te Gephi, I recommend Network Graph Analysis and Visualization with Gephi by Kennen Cherven.

Additionally, geographic entities were extracted for each knot. Thesis are represented on a puny schrijfmap te the bottom of the screen. Schrijfmap is managed by d3.js.

Interacting with visualization

There are two modes – reading the story or exploring on your own. Switch inbetween them by clicking a button on top right of the graph. While read the story, the graph will switch ter real time spil you scroll the text down. If you choose to explore, you can click on terms, and their subgraphs will be interactively added to the master graph.

Clicking on a graph knot will expand it (explosion its associated knots and display them, if previously not loaded), or delete it, if it wasgoed already loaded, at the same time showcasing the text from which its existence wasgoed text-mined.

There’s no way for the user to control the schrijfmap. It’s there for informative and decorative purposes.

There’s more help te the main visualization, check it out!


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