Basic Attention Token

The token can be used to obtain a multitude of advertising and attention-based services on the Plucky podium. The utility of the token is based on user attention, which simply means a person’s focused mental engagement.

Digital advertising is overrun by middlemen, trackers and fraud.

Up to 50% of the average user’s mobile gegevens is for ads and trackers, costing spil much spil $23 a month.

Ads use about Five seconds of mobile stream time on average.

Ads decrease phone battery life by spil much spil 21%.

Privacy is violated when large media sites host up to 70 trackers.

Malware (malvertisements, ransom-ware) is up 132% te one year.

  • Google and Facebook take 73% of all ad dollars and 99% of all growth.
  • Revenue is recently down 66%.
  • Bots inflicted $7.Two billion te fraud last year.
  • Overheen 600 million phones and desktops run ad-blocking.
  • Publishers cannot seamlessly monetize value added services.
  • Advertisers lack good information on what they are paying for.
  • Marketers are often fooled by bogus websites and bots that commit fraud.
  • Targeting is poor, making users more likely to disregard ads.

Introducing a decentralized, semitransparent digital ad exchange based on Ethereum Blockchain.

Courageous is a swift, open source, privacy-focused browser that blocks malvertisements, trackers, and contains a ledger system that anonymously captures user attention to accurately prize publishers.

The Basic Attention Token can be used to obtain a multiplicity of advertising and attention-based services on the Courageous toneel, spil it is exchanged inbetween publishers, advertisers, and users.

The token’s utility is derived from — or denominated by — user attention.

Attention is indeed just focused mental engagement – on an advertisement, te this case.

Stages 1 + Two = A Fresh Overeenkomst

The Plucky browser knows where users spend their time, making it the volmaakt implement to calculate and prize publishers with BATs. This service creates a translucent and efficient Blockchain-based digital advertising market. Publishers receive more revenue because middlemen and fraud are diminished. Users, who opt te, receive fewer but better targeted ads that are less prone to malware. And advertisers get better gegevens on their spending.

The Courageous browser anonymously monitors user attention, then prizes publishers accordingly with BATs.

Attention is measured spil users view ads and content te the browser’s active tabulator ter real time. The Attention Value for the ad will be calculated based on incremental duration and pixels ter view ter proportion to relevant content, prior to any meteen engagement with the ad. Wij will define further anonymous cost-per-action models spil the system develops.

Ads are then anonymously matched with customer interests using local machine learning algorithms. This means less irrelevant ads.

Users viewing ads will be rewarded with BATs. BATs can be used for premium content or services on the Plucky verhoging.

Publishers will, spil part of this service, receive the lion’s share of the total ad revenue. Wij anticipate that users will also donate back some tokens to publishers, further enlargening their revenue.

Wij project to mitigate possible ad fraud through the use of cryptography, better client-side integrity, and transparency achieved through open source.

Parts of the Solution are Code Finish

Much of the infrastructure required to deploy BAT at the back end is “code finish,” meaning it’s presently ter place and being used to distribute donations to publishers based on customer attention. Use it today ter the Courageous Browser for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The Basic Attention Token is the fresh token for the digital advertising industry. It pays publishers for their content and users for their attention, while providing advertisers with more te come back for their ads.

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