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On the 30th of December 2016, I wrote that My Conviction Trades for 2018 [see http://bit.ly/2vQTv9T] were spil goes after

Two. Long BITCOIN brief Gold

Bitcoin embarked the year just above $1,000, and the overall growth now is approaching 900 procent. The cryptocurrency&rsquo,s market capitalization has reached $145 billion [the total crypto currency market cap has soared to almost $275 billion]. Bitcoin is more valuable than major corporations like Siemens, Mastercard, British American Tobacco or McDonald&rsquo,s. BITCOIN has bot the top-performing currency every year since 2010, except 2014 and this Year at +900% the terugwedstrijd has bot parabolic [off the charts]. The Parabola wasgoed described thus by Thomas Pynchon

&ldquo,But it is a curve each of them feels, unmistakably. It is the parabola. They voorwaarde have guessed, once or twice -guessed and refused to believe -that everything, always, collectively, had bot moving toward that purified form potentieel te the sky, that form of no verrassing, no 2nd chance, no come back.&rsquo,&rsquo, If you spend Your life deeply immersed te the markets, then it is necessary to sniff out thesis parabolic moves. And its Better to do Right than Say right spil Edwin Lefevre noted almost a century ago.

Or spil T.S Eliot said ter The Hollow Fellows

Inbetween the idea

And the reality

Inbetween the movability

Falls the Shadow

For Thine is the Kingdom

Lets come back to the subject at mitt. On the 3rd of March this year, the Price of #Bitcoin crossed the Gold price for the very first time everzwijn [refer my Trade Two. for the year]. Bitcoin klapper $1,900 on 22nd May and $2900 on 7th June. Ter September Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan shortly stemmed its rise when he said ‘you can’t have a business where people can invent a currency out of lean air’.

By 1st November, Bitcoin wasgoed surging again after the Chicago Mercantile Exchange announced the launch of Bitcoin Futures contracts. On November 8th, ‘Buy Bitcoin’ Overtook ‘Buy Gold’ spil an Online Search Phrase. Spil I verkeersopstopping this report on Sundaymorning [and the grass is a sugary green after the brief rains, outside my window], Bitcoin is all set to burst through $9,000,00.

The value of the 2nd largest cryptocurrency Ethereum also smashed an all-time high of $485 on Saturday. Ethereum&rsquo,s market capitalization is approaching $46 billion, and its gains this year have reached Five,000 procent. At the begin of 2018, you could buy one token for $8.27, about 58 times less than the current price. This, you will agree, is mind-boggling inflation. Ter my practice, when I have found myself railing a Tiger by its Tail, the key kwestie is the getting off and not attempting to run the Trade for every penny. I got off this Tiger. Interestingly, Bitcoin traded spil high spil $13,499.00 ter Zimbabwe last week, but that speaks to the accomplish dislocation of that economy.

Mr. Novogratz who has raised $500m for a Crypto currency Fund said, “Bitcoin has value because people say it has value.” and “Bitcoin you can look at spil digital gold.” Mr. Gartman said on bitcoin: “this is a market for criminals and millennials” Th mining of bitcoins now uses more electric current than Ireland or Nigeria. Our Central Handelsbank Dr. Njoroge said he thinks bitcoin a pyramid scheme JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon called bitcoin a “fraud” ter September and said it “won’t end well.” The Guardian spoke about the 8 fold price inflation and pronounced

”Since it is only widely used spil a currency te drug deals or for ransom payments, there is either a phat boom te criminal activities outside the world of cryptocurrencies, or one within unregulated exchanges where thesis tokens are traded”

”One of the few guys to get out te time before the Wall Street crash of 1929 did so &ndash, legend has it &ndash, because he wasgoed suggested a stock peak by the boy who shined his boots. He instantly sold all his holdings. If the mania for gambling on the stock market had reached down to the children on the streets, the bubble vereiste have bot due to speelpop at any ogenblik. The corresponding uur for the cryptocurrency bubble will only be discernible te retrospect, but wij have some pretty strong candidates already. The endorsement of one project by the reality TV starlet Paris Hilton has already happened”

There are many cryptocurrency schemes which are sold on the same grounds spil the greatest South Sea Bubble prospectus: &ldquo,For carrying on an undertaking of fine advantage, but nobody to know what it is.&rdquo,

My Investment Thesis at the begin of the year wasgoed that Bitcoin wasgoed going to get main-streamed te 2018. It has main-streamed beyond my wildest desires, therefore, I am now sidelined.

Let mij leave you with Hunter S. Thompson ” &ldquo,Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving securely ter a pretty and well preserved figure, but rather to skid ter broadside ter a cloud of smoke, scrupulously used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming &ldquo,Wow! What a Rail!&rdquo,

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