See how it works

Token sale completes te

Holistic Payment Solution

for individuals and businesses

or physical canap card

Within your crypto/fiat VISO Wallet

Payment gateway connected

to exchanges and traditional

systems like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

All-in-One payment terminal

accepts traditional and crypto cards

Convert your smartphone into a

contactless payment card

What&rsquo,s VISO?

VISO is a payment system that combines

cryptocurrency and generally accepted payment

cards and terminals into a single environment.


Open a VISO Wallet, transfer the cryptocurrency and a virtual bankgebouw card for contactless payments will be issued for you instantaneously, if your phone supports the NFC technology. You can make payments anywhere ter the world, where Visa PayWave and MasterCard PayPass are accepted. Additionally, you can order a physical handelsbank card with worldwide free delivery.


The PoS Brainy Terminals combine a fiscal metselspecie register, a banking terminal and a payment terminal with the possibility of receiving payments ter contant, through bankgebouw cards and te cryptocurrency. A report of all purchases can be seen te the individual account of the seller.


A unique mechanism for investment terugwedstrijd from Token purchases, which is built on their turnover growth ter the secondary market. Each fresh user of VISO Cards will buy VITO which will fuel the cycle.


VISO Wallet: like your card,

but much better

Receive salary, transfers and

deposits te fiat

Cryptocurrencies, with no boundaries

Pay rent, mortgage, broadband and other regular debits spil usual

Make free-of-charge, unlimited worldwide transfers

Connect to exchanges via

API e.g. Coinbase, Kritiseren, Binance, etc

You can’t wait 15 minutes for transaction

confirmation using BTC or ETH

Pay with ITO te a 2nd

and get a cup of fresh,

tasty, Caramel Macchiato

VITO is above everything else

to any crypto- or fiat

currency when required

Overheen 42 million PoS terminals

globally are ready to accept

payments via VISO Wallet

Seamless exchange with VISO

Zekering thinking about

rates and commissions!

VISO assures you the best exchange

whatever currency you have to pay te

If crypto payments aren’t accepted ter your country: no worries, wij’ll

take care of it

Everything is legal, the

merchant gets fiat and the

VISO Wallet holder pays crypto

VISO uses the Flaps

blockchain podium which is much swifter than any other system

Because VISO uses the

Swings blockchain toneel

Because VISO uses the

Swings blockchain toneelpodium

Free of charge domestic and international transfers &, payment te VITO

Be a financial champ with VISO

Profit earning through VISO tokens (VITO)

The benchmark price of one VITO is $0.1

A limited amount of VITO will be issued and sold ter the Token Sale

The number of VITO will not increase

Once the VISO payment system is launched there will be request for VITO from VISO Card users and VISO Wise Terminal owners

The lack of VITO available will, according to the principles of request and supply, cause the rise te price of VITO against other cryptocurrencies

The potential for the increase te the VITO exchange rate will be quota upon the request for VISO Cards and VISO Clever Terminals

Increase te the VITO token exchange rate

Increase te token exchange rate is achieved through the request on behalf of Wise terminal users and VISO card holders

Beautiful Georgia

Your fresh semitransparent

Retrieve financial freedom

globally with VISO

VISO Wallet isn’t a handelsbank with dozens of tricky implements and hidden terms: VISO Wallet is the elementary contraption you need on a daily voet

Virtual crypto/fiat NFC card optionally accompanied by a physical card Available worldwide

Metselspecie from any ATM globally with no fees

Yes, indeed!

At VISO wij don’t charge percentage

fees on withdrawals and always give

you the best market exchange rate

You get what your assets are

worth, without them being

eaten up by reserve fees

Instant account management

and next generation security

Freeze the card instantly

via VISO Wallet app and

manage your thresholds

Real time notifications and fingerprint/face

Get a thrust notification instantaneously after all account activity including payments, ATM withdrawals, onmiddellijk debits and transfers

Get a thrust notification immediatelly after all account activity including payments, ATM withdrawals, ongezouten debits and transfers

Single wallet for your global lifestyle

Get a free international

account without a proof

of address or credit

This will permit you to hold and

exchange up to 100 crypto- and fiat

currencies at the real exchange rate

VISO Wallet options

VISO Wallet with VISO Lite

  • Contactless (HCE)
  • Payment card
  • Crypto/fiat currencies

VISO Wallet with virtual payment card

Phisycal VISA or MasterCard linked to VISO Wallet

VISO Wallet with virtual payment card

Physical VISO infinity Vard

Unlock your limitless

VITO Token Sale

Tokens issued: VITO 1,000,000,000

Presale bonuses: 50%

converted into VITO using a numerous of 1.Five

Bonuses for early purchase of VITO


of total remuneration


Co-Founder VP Business Development at Koinsquare | Advisory Houtvezelplaat Member at Friendz, Akaiito and Volans | Blockchain and ICO Accomplished at ICObench

«,Te Georgia, the VISO team has a reputation for excellence. Te collaboration with PayBox service, wij are setting up a VISO Brainy terminals-based system to accept payments to third parties»,

Vladimir Nikitin is the Co-founder of Top ICO Advisor, an accomplished legal consultant, ICO advisor, Blockchain cryptocurrency specialist and a member of several Houtvezelplaat of Directors. A renown member of the crypto community and an active advocate of Blockchain overheen the last few years, where he has gained an extensive community of contacts, spil well spil overheen 30,000 network connection on LinkedIn.

Amar is one of the leading advocates and contributing member of Global Blockchain community, Senior Advisor of Global Blockchain Foundation, ICOBench rated top ‘Accomplished’ and is Advisory Houtvezelplaat Member of many Blockchain projects around the world.

Nathan is a technical pro te Blockchain-based accounting and financial applications. He is a Serial entrepreneur with overheen 35 start-ups te his portfolio. He is deeply entrenched te the blockchain space and has made it both his career and life passion. He is an accomplished Blockchain and Fintech international speaker and is a Top Five ranked member of the &lsquo,People of Blockchain&rsquo,. He is also diversely skilled te ICO strategy, development, venture capital investment, consulting and advising.

«,VISO is a serious project. Wij&rsquo,re glad the Sways podium is going to unlock the total feature set for this project»,

Marketing strategist and advisor with more than 20 years of business practice, Investor, and Founder. Presently managing the Marketing Strategy for innovative Blockchain projects. “Spil a very reputable marketing strategist and adviser with a very colourful and successful career strakheid overheen 20 years, Vitor&rsquo,s business practice has truly made him an invaluable member of the VISO project. His awesome practice ter Growth Marketing has earned him a rightful place te his current projects developing and setting their foundations te terms of strategy and positioning.”

«,I&rsquo,ve known the VISO team for years. They know and love their stuff. True professionals»,

«,The VISO project is a breakthrough te the ease of payments. Georgia is a fine country for commencing the project»,

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange possessor

«,Good project. Good team! I&rsquo,ve known the VISO project team for years. The project is trussed to succeed»,

«,CCT processing is already working te several successful projects, but ter VISO it will voorstelling its utter potential. I&rsquo,m counting on the project to succeed»,

Bitcoin Embassy Georgia, CEO and Founder One of the very first Bitcoin enthusiasts and miners ter Georgia (6 years).

«,VISO Project &mdash, the very first thickest chance te the cryptoworld for my country. After some years, wij will take pride te Georgia becoming one of the very first high-tech countries to adopt blockchain technology spil a global startup.»,

Banker, financial products manager, project management specialist.

Terminals software development manager, banker, project management specialist.

Management of SMART-terminals production, management of processing, management of WEB-projects development.

PhD te Economics. Businessman. Eleven years&rsquo, practice implementing cashier machines projects te Georgia. Twenty years&rsquo, practice spil a tax authority officer.

Administrative manager, head of VISO office te Georgia with expertise ter accounting.

PhD te Economics. Management of acquiring network launch projects and cellular communications projects.

Mass media


Use VISO to make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere

The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a utter cycle

of technologies for receiving and making payments.

Copyright ©, 2018 VISO.

All rights reserved.

Nothing provided herein shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort or a solicitation for investment, strafgevangenis does it te any way pertain to an suggesting or a solicitation of an opoffering to buy any securities ter any jurisdiction. This webstek is not created te accordance with and is not subject to, laws or regulations of any jurisdiction which are designed to protect investors.

Any information provided herein does not constitute an offerande, solicitation or sale of the VITO tokens te any jurisdiction te which such suggest, solicitation or sale would be unlawful. Some limitations on the purchase of the VITO tokens may apply. Please check with your legal adviser.

Certain statements and estimates contained herein constitute forward-looking statements or information. Such forward-looking statements or information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties which may cause actual events or results to differ materially from the estimates or the results implied or voiced ter such forward-looking statements.

The exchange rate and a premie are not ensured and may vary for different purchasers depending on the price of the purchased VITO tokens, the total number of the VITO tokens sold, and other factors.

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