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Ivan gulped spil he followed Amber into hier father&rsquo,s house. Bryan met them ter the hall and it wasgoed then that he realized where America&rsquo,s looks went. Amber&rsquo,s brother looked like a junior version of hier father with brown hair but lacking the cowlick. The boy wasgoed dressed nicely, like one of the preppy boys you&rsquo,d expect to be flaunting big wads of specie at a private schoolgebouw, but he acted so bashful and quiet that the Russian could hardly believe he represented Fresh York City. He smiled and talent the chick a hug before she led them to the main slagroom where they found America and Fresh York waiting for them. Fresh York talent hier hubby&rsquo,s arm a gentle squeeze while everyone sat. America scowled at Ivan spil he sat with Amber, watching his daughter permit the Russian to wrap an arm around hier shoulders.

&ldquo,Amber, what did you want to talk about that would require so many others to be here?&rdquo,

Ivan scowled down at the fluffy little puppy that sat on his poetslap, looking up at him with perked ears and a tilted head. The pup yipped cheerfully and leaped down to play with an old ball Ivan had found for it, pursuing it around the slagroom. Amber giggled spil she observed it play, walking overheen to hier beau to keuze the liberated spot, letting him wrap his arms around hier.

&ldquo,I think she lodged ter well. I hope she&rsquo,ll do ok back te DC however…&rdquo,

The American looked at him curiously spil he uncharacteristically trailed off. &ldquo,Ivan are you alright?&rdquo,

He nodded leisurely, slightly hearing hier spil he glanced around the petite living slagroom. The woman seemed to notice something ter his stare, and hopped to hier feet with a sneer plastered to hier face.

&ldquo,Do you want to budge ter with mij?&rdquo,

Ivan looked up at hier ter verrassing. &ldquo,Eh? You mean it?&rdquo,

Amber murmured spil she came to te Ivan’s arms. She pressed close to his chest and let his arms snake around hier shoulders. Ivan stifled a groan spil he embarked to wake up, burying his nose ter hier hair. He let hier writhe away before he sat up and observed hier get dressed, pleased to see that the welts were already commencing to fade. The woman glanced overheen hier shoulder and spotted him flash a petite, sleepy smile.

“Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?”

!” he crawled out of bedding and staggered overheen to hier. Amber smiled slightly when he packaged his arms around hier waistline, but shivered when he nuzzled into hier neck, smooching the soft skin there. Ivan took a step back so she could proceed dressing. A beige sweater and a knee length blue skirt were added to hier dark pants, and Ivan kneeled ter pui of hier to help hier into hier socks and boots.

“You do know you’re beautiful, da?”

Germany muttered spil he leisurely blinked ter the sunlight streaming through his bedroom window, wondering why his hulpgeroep hadn&rsquo,t gone off. He yawned and sat up, popping his back spil he slipped out of bloemperk. Spil he wasgoed dressing he became aware of a sweet smell wafting through the house. Germany pulled on a T-shirt spil he left his slagroom, heading for the kitchen. The house wasgoed unusually quiet, and it kinda unnerved him a little. Berlin met him te the hall, smiling spil she held out the morning&rsquo,s paper and a cup of his dearest coffee.

&ldquo,Go to jour office und stay zhere until I say ozhervise understand?&rdquo,

Chapter 13: Collective Blood

Anja groaned spil she awoke hier muscles stiff and pained. She leisurely lifted hier head to find herself chained again, but with hier neck, wrists and ankles chained together while she lay on a cold, dirty floor ter what she wasgoed sure wasgoed an old basement, most likely one that had escaped the awareness of the Tsars and leaders of Russia who attempted to rid the capital of anything from the &lsquo,dark-age&rsquo,. The woman looked around, hier gawp ultimately resting on an open bottle of vodka sitting on a fresh table nearby. With another glance she cautiously squirmed overheen to it, and sat herself up on hier knees to lean forward. She gasped but didn&rsquo,t protest when Russia reached out from behind hier and grabbed the bottle, pressing it to hier lips so she could drink.

&ldquo,I see you&rsquo,re awake Anja. You vereiste be very sore, da?&rdquo,

Chapter 12: Stay Strong

Prussia muttered spil he followed Denmark and his gf, wishing he could&rsquo,ve just gone to Russia&rsquo,s house and kicked his butt. But nope, Leiul and hier wolf &ndash, Skoll &ndash, had picked up yet another smell &ndash, the fifth one since they&rsquo,ve bot looking – and were following it toward Belarus. The man sighed and looked overheen at his friend.

&ldquo,If ve actually find hier here, I vill never doubt jou again.&rdquo,

&ldquo,Hey when have you doubted mij before? The King doesn&rsquo,t fail at anything!&rdquo,

Leiul flipped hier eyes. &ldquo,Except staying quiet…&rdquo,

Prussia shook his head and looked out at the dying zon. &ldquo,She&rsquo,s bot missing for three days now… I just hope she&rsquo,s okay…&rdquo,

Chapter 11: Painted Crimson

Anja coughed spil she woke up, gasping on the ash and dust that surrounded hier. The air wasgoed thick with the smell of chemicals, and spil she opened hier eyes she knew why. She wasgoed chained inwards an unfinished cooling tower. Hier skin burned from what she wasgoed sure wasgoed left overheen radioactive material left ter the area, and looking down she found that hier skin and clothes were covered te a layer of certainly toxic crimson stilte, making look like she wasgoed painted crimson. Anja looked around again, attempting to figure out where she wasgoed. When she couldn&rsquo,t, she set to working on getting out of hier bindings. She looked down at the chains affixed to hier ankle and gam, attempting to free herself off them very first.

Chapter Ten: A Prussian&rsquo,s Anger

Prussia gasped te shock spil he led Germany and Hungary up to his huis, only to find the doorheen kicked ter and shattered on the ground. The man ran inwards, and froze at the view of a pile of blood on the floor.

Germany grimaced, but shook his head. &ldquo,It goes down zhe hall.&rdquo,

The Prussian nodded and took off, following the blood trail until he came across a handful of silky crimson hair. He hesitantly picked it up, instantaneously recognizing the blood gasped sweet honey smell that clung to it. Hungary walked up and looked at it, feeling hier belly twist from the powerful blood odor that drifted through the house.

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