Leave behind that for now.


Two) Run XCode just to approve its licence

Trio) Install brew with directive

brew install ethereum

Two) commence downloading blockchain

I will go after this up with instructions for GPU mining. That is how far I’ve got by now.

brew reinstall cpp-ethereum –devel –with-gpu-mining

I am now fighting with “ethminer -G” (alternatively “ethminer -G –opencl-device 0”) step which either segfaults or warns about memory fragmentation.

Legitimate:29:44|gpuminer1 workLoop 1 #d705bfce… #d705bfce…

Legal:29:44|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 524288 H/s = 262144 hashes / 0.Five s

Eighteen:29:45|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1046483 H/s = 1048576 hashes / 1.002 s

Legal:29:45|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1220085 H/s = 1835008 hashes / 1.504 s

Legitimate:29:46|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1307451 H/s = 2621440 hashes / Two.005 s

Eighteen:29:46|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1255278 H/s = 3145728 hashes / Two.506 s

Legal:29:47|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1307234 H/s = 3932160 hashes / Three.008 s

Legitimate:29:47|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1344711 H/s = 4718592 hashes / Trio.509 s

Eighteen:29:48|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1372823 H/s = 5505024 hashes / Four.01 s

Legitimate:29:48|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1394382 H/s = 6291456 hashes / Four.512 s

Eighteen:29:49|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1359613 H/s = 6815744 hashes / Five.013 s

Legal:29:49|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1378454 H/s = 7602176 hashes / Five.515 s

Eighteen:29:50|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1394382 H/s = 8388608 hashes / 6.016 s

Eighteen:29:50|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1407862 H/s = 9175040 hashes / 6.517 s

Eighteen:29:51|main Mining on PoWhash #3d10d9a6… : 1419215 H/s = 9961472 hashes / 7.019 s

Eighteen:29:51|main Got work package:

Legal:29:51|main Header-hash: 336179714ac9314bcf32f470012f3a224a281d5c50d8ad357f407d766d84f738

Legal:29:51|main Seedhash: d705bfceb18862841d146b65702167152de74c08a4c1821a1698fcc414d8978e

Legitimate:29:51|main Target: 000000019986ce4852d1555139d6a7df68466a236f5bf7a8ef3bc9aaff2b559e

Eighteen:29:54|gpuminer0 workLoop 1 #d705bfce… #d705bfce…

I0516 11:37:40.740744 34904 chain_manager.go:628] imported 1 block(s) (0 queued 0 overlooked) ter Trio.734766ms. #348142 [2bef1b06 / 2bef1b06]

I0516 11:37:47.169750 34904 chain_manager.go:628] imported 1 block(s) (0 queued 0 disregarded) ter Trio.752827ms. #348147 [c9a39a6b / c9a39a6b]

ethminer: directive not found

Code by Gav Wood, (c) 2013, 2014.

Based on a vormgeving by Vitalik Buterin.

*N* [ 11:42:45 | main ] Id: e5208d58749927cf098b4db00df33a995bc2a6103146f3fd3eccf649440bd8eb828862a15c712e1cde76f9cb86580f57892ded465e07f099f2f5dbd875ef3804

*** [ 11:42:45 | main ] Opened blockchain DB. Latest: 32d9162f861a01bc8274e70b3cdb9d688fd7d8566f2f8c25cf1a882f244081c4

*** [ 11:42:45 | main ] Opened state DB.

*N* [ 11:42:47 | p2p ] Punched through Vloeistof and mapped local port 51632 onto outer port 51632 .

*N* [ 11:42:47 | p2p ] Outward addr: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

*P* [ 11:42:47 | p2p ] refreshing buckets

*N* [ 11:42:47 | p2p ] p2p.began id: e5208d58…

*P* [ 11:42:47 | p2p ] Terminating detect after 0 rounds.

*P* [ 11:43:17 | p2p ] Terminating detect after 0 rounds.

*P* [ 11:43:47 | p2p ] Terminating detect after 0 rounds.

*P* [ 11:44:Legal | p2p ] Terminating detect after 0 rounds.

*P* [ 11:44:48 | p2p ] Terminating detect after 0 rounds.

*P* [ 11:45:Eighteen | p2p ] Terminating detect after 0 rounds.

*P* [ 11:45:48 | p2p ] Terminating detect after 0 rounds.

I think i mined 1 block, ether balance = 1.Five hashrate states 384(sounds pretty poor)

still would be good to get my dual gpus mining

Benchmarking on verhoging: 4-thread CPU

13:53:27|main Loading from libethash.

13:53:27|main Done loading.

zoogmoeder/mean/max: 0/0/0 H/s

internal mean: 0 H/s

Phoning huis to find world ranking.

Error phoning huis. ET is sad.

I0327 16:06:39.049611 29166 vloeistof.go:111] mapped network port tcp:30303 ->, 30303 (ethereum p2p) using UPNP IGDv1-IP1

I0327 16:06:59.048564 29166 downloader.go:288] Block synchronisation embarked

I0327 16:07:02.244353 29166 blockchain.go:1251] imported 1 block(s) (0 queued 0 overlooked) including 1 txs te 772.72479ms. #244237 [f62a4b14 / f62a4b14]

I0327 16:07:02.266158 29166 blockchain.go:1251] imported 14 block(s) (0 queued 0 disregarded) including 13 txs te 21.66649ms. #244251 [2ab9d270 / 754cdb61]

I0327 16:07:02.440203 29166 blockchain.go:1251] imported 1 block(s) (0 queued 0 disregarded) including 1 txs te 6.205261ms. #244252 [e9871515 / e9871515]

I0327 16:07:02.570742 29166 blockchain.go:1251] imported 7 block(s) (0 queued 0 disregarded) including 8 txs ter 12.539501ms. #244259 [cd35eed0 / 29622a3b]

I0327 16:07:02.585729 29166 blockchain.go:1251] imported 1 block(s) (0 queued 0 overlooked)

Am i GPU mining? Please help!

miner 11:56:30.331| Mining on PoWhash #17056b8a… : 18362743 H/s = 7602176 hashes / 0.414 s

miner 11:56:30.760| Mining on PoWhash #17056b8a… : 18987065 H/s = 8126464 hashes / 0.42

For those like mij who are getting their feet raw te this Ethereum mining . pool, spil with Bitcoin mining, there are lots and lots of people who say “Dont’ bother. Run away. You will never make any money.” Well “yaa, boo, sux” to them. I’m investigating this because it’s interesting, and will be spil big spil the Internet te a day or so.

And things switch. Things switch daily. And there is money to be made. Not much admittedly, but some.

So this is what I have ultimately managed.

I have the Waas, Ethereum-Wallet installed on my Mac Mini. 16Gb RAM, 2TB Storage. A built up Late 2012 proefje. Not the fastest kid on the block, but what I can afford.

That unpacks into it’s own directory, that you can waterput anywhere you like. Te that directory is two programs. One is called Ethereum-Wallet – with a Diamond spil the icon. That’s the GUI. Don’t run that very first actually, albeit you can if you want to have a look at it. It starts up te Test mode anyway. That’s fine. Create your valid account straks. But the big secret is. Nothing will toebijten usefully until the entire thing synchronises the blocks. And there are millions . it can take days. So here’s what you do. You use the other program that comes with it called ‘geth’ to commence the synchronising. It’s directive line, so you need to be te a Terminal window.

Very first: Begin Ethereum-Wallet to create the required system storage directories, then zekering it.

cd to the directory where you waterput your unpacked program bundle, and type this te.

./geth –fast –ipcpath /Users/robert/Library/Ethereum/geth.ipc

Note the –ipcpath option. Substitute my name – robert – with your user account name on your mac. It’s your huis directory. ok.

You can’t mine until it’s finished.

When you come back ter a few days, months, years.

So thesis are pre-built DMG packages that jstt install right out of the bag. Nice. You also get Mix-ide. Leave behind that for now. What’s so nice about AlethZero, is that it’s Ether mining for the GPU, spil well spil the CPU, and I think mining equipments, albeit I toevluchthaven’t investigated that yet. Like everything else to do with Ethereum and Bitcoin – There are NO instructions. One rubbish Movie clip on Youtube that is like two years old. Shees.

You see, that’s what happens when everyone starts telling “No point now, the Chinese made all the money, don’t bother.”

But having said that, it’s actually pretty effortless to figure out, and a nice GUI interface to go with it.

Again – don’t bother until your blocks are synchronised.

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