Free Bitcoins without mining

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With the rise of Bitcoins, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies everyone are talking about mining again. Movie cards price has skyrocketed te the last Two months.

If you are late for the mining rail, you don’t have the skill or time to build your own mining equipments or you just don’t like taking a chance it there are others risk free ways to obtains cryptocurrencies.

You can use faucets. Faucets are websites or mobile applications providing you petite amounts of free bitcoins or altstem coins te exchange for watching movies, viewing adds, playing games. After solving a captcha you’ll receive a varying prize te satoshis. One satoshi is hundredth of a millionth BTC. It’s fairly spammy te the form of ads, so be ready te advance.

Prizes are dispensed te predetermined intervals of time varying from faucet to faucet. Ter order to get your coins you’ll need to visit the faucet a duo of times and accumulate a predefined value before they are sent to your wallet. This helps faucets reduce the transfer (mining) fees for sending you your coins.

All you need to do is:

  • visit your dearest faucets
  • click and resolve the captcha
  • wait for the timer to run out (no need to keep the tabulator opened)
  • …repeat

Choose your wallet

NOTE: If you already heave a wallet skip to the next section.

If you are a beginner with cryptocurrencies then you’ll need a wallet before claiming from faucets. Wallets are the place where you keep your coins. Each cryptocurrency has its own wallet. You can get the official wallets but that’s most likely an overkill if you are just commencing. There are also hardware wallets but they require you to invest money and buy them. Do that when you gather more coins. Hardware wallets are much more secure.

There are all-in-one apps that combine several wallets and you can keep more than one currency te them. My Two favorites are:

Has bot around for a while and the UI is fairly simplified.

Has a mobile version. Don’t use jaxx if you project on mining ter the future.

NOTE: Uittocht will druppel Dogecoin support mid September so if you project on getting Dogecoins install JAXX.

Cryptocurrency wallets have a public key. That’s what you use to receive coins. It’s safe to share it. You also have private keys you should never share with anyone. Leegloop and JAXX hide this from you demonstrating you only the public address (key).

You’ll need to copy your public addresses a lotsbestemming and use them for the faucets. If you like write them down outside the programs.

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