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Installation and Review of the Nest Hello Movie Doorbell

Nest recently entered the rapidly growing movie doorbell market with the Nest Hello Movie Doorbell. The Nest Hello is Nest’s very first movie doorbell and is intended to rival directly with the Stadionring Doorbell. The Nest Hello has several features that the Stadionring doesn’t suggest including 24×,7 continuous movie recording, HDR movie, and face recognition. It also […]

edn SmallGarden Two Indoor Garden System Review

I’ve wished to set up a hydroponic system for growing herbs indoors for fairly a while now but I toevluchthaven’t found the time to research a good setup. Fresh herbs are indeed expensive at most grocery stores so an inexpensive way to produce them at huis would provide a loterijlot of savings overheen time. A […]

Building a Powerpole DC Power Distribution Center

I’ve commenced converting all of my 12 volt DC powered devices overheen to Anderson Powerpole connectors. Powerpole connectors are gender neutral which eliminates any cork / socket issues. Standardizing on Powerpole connectors gives mij the plasticity of lightly connecting my DC devices (including my ham radio and 3D printer) to different power sources without having to […]

An In-depth Analysis of the Arris VIP2250 DVR

Te this postbode I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Arris VIP2250 DVR. The VIP2250 is one of the DVR models AT&,T is presently using for their U-verse digital TV service. You may notice that some of the VIP2250 boxes carry the Motorola logo, which newer versions are Arris branded. The reason for thesis […]

Upgrading the Ubiquiti UniFi Controller Software on Centos

I recently ended a deployment of several Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO access points and so far I’ve bot very struck with their spectacle. One of the best things about Ubuqiti is that the UniFi controller software is downright free. Ubiquiti provides a Linux package for Debian /Ubuntu but te order to install UniFi on Centos or any other non Debian […]

Top Ten Tech Bounty Ideas for 2015

Looking for a holiday bounty for the technology paramour te your life? Te this postbode you’ll find my top ten best tech bounty ideas for the 2015 holiday season. 1. Roku Four Streaming Media Player Roku just released their 4th generation wireless streaming media player which is their most powerful media player yet. The most notable […]

Filco Majestouch Two Ninja Mechanical Keyboard Review

Ter this postbode I’ll be sharing my practices with the Filco Majestouch Two Ninja keyboard spil well spil some general skill I learned about mechanical keyboards during my search for a fresh one. I recently purchased this keyboard to substitute my aging Logitech membrane keyboard I’ve bot using with my huis workstation. After using a mechanical keyboard at […]

Time Warner’s Fresh Enhanced DVR the Arris DCX3600-M

Time Warner Cable recently commenced rolling out their fresh enhanced DVR service te Kansas City and many other markets across the country. Ter this postbode I’ll be sharing some information about the hardware Time Warner is for this fresh service, the Arris DCX3600-M advanced movie gateway. Upgrading to Enhanced DVR Once I heard this opbergruimte […]

How to Control Power Outlets Wirelessly Using the Raspberry Pi

Te this blog postbode you’ll find instructions for using a Raspberry Pi to wirelessly control Etekcity power outlets using 433MHz RF. Everzwijn year during Christmas time I find myself dealing with the hassle of turning the Christmas tree lights on and off. This year I set out to find a solution I could use to automate […]

Mining for Bitcoins With the Rockminer R-Box ASIC Miner

Te this postbode I’ll be sharing my latest practice mining Bitcoins with the Rockminer R-box Bitcoin miner. The R-Box is a 32Gh/s Bitcoin miner based on ASICMiner’s 40nm BE200 ASIC chip. This mining houtvezelplaat utilizes Four of the BE200 ASIC chips which are the 3rd generation of ASICs developed by ASICMiner and manufactured by TSMC. […]

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