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Erik Hoyer

The worst company that I have ever…

The worst company that I have everzwijn dealt with. I am aware that BTC is not doing that well but Goddamn. 72% maintenance, that is fraud. how are their expenses worth overheen 70% of my investment. I hope people sue the hell out of you. If anyone wants to get that going then let mij know I will sign up for sure. so basically FU hashflare and thanks for wasting $1600 of my money.

It`s a scam

It`s a scam. I invested 10grand and it wasgoed supper profitable for a month or two, but now it`s telling I`m violating even and that doesn`t include the everyday 20$ toverfee. They would adjust the toverfee if they cared.

Matthew Talbot Paine

I invested some bitcoin into hashflare…

I invested some bitcoin into hashflare a while ago and there always seems to be a problem. I have had several issues with them which I will list below. I told them that their pagina wasgoed unsecured a while ago spil google wasgoed telling mij this and they insisted it wasgoed fine and that google chrome wasgoed te error so I replied stating that I had attempted using other browsers and that even if it wasgoed the case chrome is the most popular browser. She said the developers couldn`t do anything about it. So being a developer myself I looked into the kwestie and found that they weren`t getting their fonts from the secure side of their webpagina so I told them this and after about a week it wasgoed stationary. They were very rude to mij during this correspondence. The ondergrens amount of bitcoin you have to have to withdraw at this ogenblik te time is 0.05002808 BTC which spil of now is $477.24 which it wasgoed not when I invested. I emailed them about this and they said that if an account closes they are willing to pay the balance but otherwise the ondergrens withdrawal amount stands they also said they were working to lower the ondergrens toverfee. When I purchased the mining capacity it cost mij $61.20 and for that I got 0.51 TH/s despite the difficulty going up to buy that now would cost $91.80 I don`t know what they have done but the value for money is stupidly low now and not worth investing. Every day that I have logged on to their webpagina I have found a message at the top stating some limitation or other on payments to their users. I waterput ter a puny amount because it seemed like the company wasgoed fairly dodgy but now I want nothing to do with them and I can`t wait for my contract to end so I can.

Andrei Rybak

Pros and Cons of Hashflare

1. It offers a reasonable terugwedstrijd on your fiat investment,

Two. It has bot ter the market for a few years.

1. Your fiat investment goes into the crypto sector, which is unregulated.

Two. Hashlare has bot ter the market for a few years but this does not mean that it can`t dissappear at any uur.

Trio. Your investment is te an unregulated sector managed by an unregulated company with the tendency of switching rules spil it feels getraind.

Four. Onveranderlijk lowering of comebacks ter crypto denomination and at the same time putting up the withdrawal barrier means that you can lightly – spil many people did – find yourself ter a situation when you can see your earnings but you can`t have them.

Five. You will earn much more by investing te crypto directly and simply holding with regular profit taking. If crypto prices collapse, you will still have your holding hoping that at some point it will recover. If crypto prices collapse when you are invested te Hashflare, they will most likely just close down the shop citing market conditions and there will be nothing for you to do about it.

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