How to Make Money ter Cryptocurrencies Irrespective of the Volatility

Mark Twain said, “During the gold rush it’s a good time to be ter the pick and shovel business.” Why? Because pick and shovel businesses make money even when the people who use them don’t find gold. This is a volmaakt metaphor for how to make money ter crypto irrespective of the volatility.

Te this case, the pick and shovel businesses are the exchanges, wallet providers, and all the other crypto service providers. Unluckily, most of thesis companies are private and therefore not open for investment. But, there are some exceptions…

FinLab – German Listed Investment Company

Overheen the past five years, FinLab-shares (Bloomberg A7A : GR ) have enhanced tenfold because FinLab concentrates on investments te thesis pick and shovel-esque crypto service providers. For example, FinLab has a 25% stake ter the Bitcoin/gold trading toneel Vaultoro, a company whose business has grown dramatically overheen the last six months on the back of the crypto boom. Furthermore, FinLab recently announced their stake te Iconiq Laboratorium, the world’s very first batch-controlled initial coin suggesting ( ICO ) and token sale accelerator program. According to industry rumors, they are also working on a cryptocurrency investment bankgebouw.

FinLab is part of Christian Angermayer’s empire. The German serial investor and entrepreneur is tipped spil Germany’s No. 1 powerbroker ter the financial services and technology space. Angermayer wasgoed responsible for recruiting Peter Thiel spil a co-investor te two of FinLab’s portfolio companies – the deposit verhoging Deposit Solutions, which quickly became one of Europe’s most valuable fintech startups, and nextmarkets, a social trading toneelpodium. He also orchestrated the Chinese HNA Group’s 9.9% stake te Germany’s largest lender, Deutsche Canap.

It is clear that Angermayer, whose investment holding Apeiron Investment Group is headquartered ter Malta, has a fantastic global network, which consistently produces exceptional comes back.

Effortless Access to the Crypto World

With a diversified portfolio investing te service providers, FinLab offers a unique chance to profit from the cryptocurrency boom with at the same time an attractive downside protection. This is especially true for entities who aren’t able to invest directly ter cryptocurrencies and/or fear it’s volatility.

Do you think the real money to be made te crypto stems from investing or providing services to investors? Tell us what you think te the comments below.

Pictures courtesy of Shutterstock, QuoteFancy

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