Our system is resistant to druppel out / failure and state confinement.

Spil well spil Bitcoin wij run independently on physical servers. Wij are all around you, wij exist te many destinations all around the world. Our system is resistant to druppel out / failure and state limitation.

  • decentralised servers
  • independence from individual states
  • fully autonomous
  • designed for high explosions

Wij present you with the affiliate system that prizes our customers for bringing their friends and fresh clients to our webstek. Thanks to this referral system you get 50% commision out of the fees paid by each fresh customer invited te this manner. Go to your administration pagina and look for Affiliate tabulator. There you can find your unique code with which you can invite fresh members to join our community. If the receiver of the code uses it to sign up to the pagina within 30 days from receiving it, you will be getting 50% commision out of the receiver’s supplements.

For better individual tracking, wij are taking advantage of Advanced tracking using tags. You can track the visits and signups that you are getting from numerous traffic sources by adding the tag parameter (&tag) to your referral URL.

For example, to track the visits and signups from Source 1, add &tag=source1 to your referral URL and then promote that URL (https://coingi.com/?r=XTPLJ7&tag=source1) and you will be able to see the signups and visits from that source.

You can create spil many tags spil you want on the fly and they can be a string of upto 150 characters comprising of puny and large case letters and numbers.

You can track individual users’ profits for the last 30 days or for the entire period.

Wij are delighted with the enlargening rate of visits and trades. Of course, this influx results te extra strain on our servers, affecting spectacle.

However, thanks to the vormgeving of Coingi’s infrastructure and scaling, a fresh example of Coingi could be established, decreasing the loading time of the webstek. Te response to the requirement of enlargened voorstelling, Coingi is simply going to begin another example of itself. Te the event of an imminent system overcharge, main servers can alleviate some stress to this example. An infinite number of thesis parallel instances are able to be created, thus, enabling system voorstelling to accomodate the switching needs of the Exchange market.

Wij have another good news! On Coingi, wij have embarked to support the USD and EUR fiat currency. Wij are glad to announce this brand fresh feature of our Cryptocurrency market which will permit you to trade crypto currencies for USD and EUR. Until now our customers have only bot enabled to trade te different pairs of currencies. Wij are delighted to bring this feature to you spil wij now opoffering service comparable with other stock market competitors.

For deposits and withdrawals, wij are very first to support FIO banka, which is under jurisdiction of EU. That means you can take advantage of the service supported by this institution – namely SEPA payments – thesis permit you to send EUR within the boundaries of EU. Payment of this sort usually takes 1-3 workdays to proceed.

Wij also support international Wire transfer payment. With this method a client is able to pay te EUR spil well spil te USD and the process usually takes 2-4 workdays. Te order to execute an international payment, however, it is obligatory to fulfill the following requirements: Ondergrens international deposit amount is 50 USD/EUR, International canap transfer deposits carry 0.05% deposit toverfee on our side (ondergrens toverfee = 7.Five USD/EUR).

Wij are aiming to expand our partnership among fresh institutions so wij can ensure the steadily improving quality of our service – this way wij can provide the best service to those who matter the most – our clients.

With the support of FIAT currencies, wij are tied with several rules which wij spil a Cryptocurrency market, have to obey. Very likely the most significant one is the Verification of User which is required by AML/CFT policy – this policy is a countermeasure to money laundering and terrorism financing.

If you want to deposit or withdraw FIAT currency you need to verify your account very first. After the verification, staff will ask you for an ID card and a document which proves the authenticity of the address that you talent to the company. At the same time, your photograph is required to verify that it is truly you on the ID card which you will provide the staff with. More information about the Verification process is to be found after logging-in te the Verification tabulator.

By no means your photographs will be provided to third-party companies. This is a standard proces when verifying your identification, which is used by most of the crypto-stock markets.

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