Plattsburgh Bitcoin

Track your earnings

Pending payouts are lightly tracked across the contract for each wallet account. The payouts are then distributed each week on Mondays for the remainder of the contract. Ter addition, all of our calculations for share distributions can be independently verified by anyone, since wij use a public mining pool and not a proprietary one.

PROFESSIONALLY maintained, Downtime Assure, Paid on time

All of our machines are colocated te a cool, purpose-built mining facility ter Upstate NY. Beginning spil hobbyist miners ourselves, wij have years of practice ter cryptocurrency. Any unanticipated interruptions are entirely on us. Additionally, 99.8% of weekly payouts have bot sent out on time. Wij have bot doing this for Trio years and have a proven track record of delivering.

If you’re fresh to cryptocurrency, wij can help you navigate so you are informed. Thinking about getting into mining hardware or just want to learn more? Druppel us a line!

Straightforward: wij worry about the details

There are a lotsbestemming of hidden costs that go into mining bitcoin, including acquiring the machines, maintaining them, cooling them, insurance, pool fees, transaction fees, fire suppression etc. Our mining packages are all inclusive and worry free! And you get a knowledgeable team that can help you along the way.

Be informed: know what to expect

Wij sell processing power, so the amount of speed (given te Giga and Terra hashes) purchased with us will dictate the earning potential that will be generated overheen the life of the contract. You can use any third party mining zakjapanner to calculate for yourself what you should expect on average. Click here for one and waterput the number ter GH’s (1 TH= 1,000 GH).

100% luck Protection: Get no less than what you’re expecting

Overheen a brief term, mining can be very variable. Some weeks it’s possible (however improbable) that wij may not succesnummer any blocks, and there will be no bitcoin produced. Other weeks wij may produce twice the expected amount. Overheen a long period of time this will average to about 100%. This protection is factored into the price of our plans and it’s recommended to leave this enabled for shorter contracts with us.

There is no ceiling to how much you can make on fortunate weeks, but the least you can make is the expected. This protects you from a substantial loss if the pool suffered bad luck during a brief term mining contract.

Spil long spil you understand the risks, you are welcome to turn this off. Also, if you project to mine with us for a longer period of time (+Four months) wij advise you to turn this off spil it will eventually balance to 100%. Just come in this code at checkout and the price will be diminished 35%: 100%LUCKOFF

Find more information on how this works here.

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