Proof bitcoin mining isn – t a scam – Solved

My dad is skeptical about the entire idea of bitcoin mining. He thinks it will snake viruses into our internet and that it permits people to “view our files” and whatever. Being only 14, I am still living at huis and he will not permit mij to use mining hardware (that I own and have purchased) until I can receive reputable information proving that bitcoin mining is safe and will not jeapordize our information. If you have a degree or certification please say so.

The easiest way to showcase that there’s no point te bit coin mining is to go to a bit coin zakjapanner webpagina. and you will see that you no longer make a profit. (the bitcoin that you make will be cheaper than the market value, but you will need to spend about 7000 dollars up gevelbreedte. and because the DIFFICULTY SO Fine, you are paying for them. bitcoins are only “free” to those established players ter the bit coin mining spel or litecoin mining spel.

I’m doing it more for joy, but he’s a bit freaked cuz somebody told him it wasgoed a scam

I have a Two mhash scrypt miner. Doesn’t make much but its more for joy anyway and I got it for $30

Anybody hare have any credibility? That’s what he’s into

e.g. OGE Energy Corp. common stock is listed for trading under the ticker symbol OGE.

Does anybody here work te the it industry at all

Does anybody here work te the it industry at all

Security+ certification, almost 20 years spil programmer for the USAF (user base of 130,000+). (hope that’s good enough for your dad)

Spil said above, the ship has long sailed for mining with a commodity PC. You will generate pennies, if anything.

I have never liked mining bitcoin, but I very likely should because my r9 290 graphics card can mine at about 880MH/s at about 580-620W

Elliander Eldridge is going to hate mij for this, because that’s a hell of a lotsbestemming quicker than both of his Antlion S1 miners, and I don’t mine with this PC.

Now my PC uses 620W when used at its max for mining, and according to the rekenmachine that Elliander Eldridge provided:

I use my laptop for gaming and everything else, so even if I ran my Pc for 12 hours a day when I slept and while I wasgoed at work, I would only be making 1.85 a day on average, and difficulty is only enhancing.

Take power into factor, that’s about $.95 a day te power, I’d be making $0.90 a day, and toughly $30 a month ter bitcoin

so for mij running it half a day + power costs:

$30 ter profit a month

That’d not only be hard on my rekentuig, but it’s also not worth my time or effort ter my eyes. That’s inbetween an toegevoegd 2-3 hours of work for mij, so I honestly do not find the act a good investment.

For you at 2MH/s, you’d make $0.25 a month, even with absolutely no power costs.

I’d terugwedstrijd it and keep your $30

I hope Bitcoin doesn’t end up like this, another hobby fueled with sheer hopes and desires, but I don’t think anyone has made a reasonable amount of money on them since November 2013-April 2014. After that, the bitcoin bubble popped and that’s where wij’re left today, where the bitcoin is worth a mere $300

Sure it will go back up, but it will never be spil effortless spil it wasgoed before, too many people are rising its difficulty. Entry-level miners just don’t have a chance anymore, to make money, you have to invest several grand into a mining machine.

I will quote this fellow one more time for you, te case you missed it the very first time

Many people who do it are losing money and don’t even know it. They save/sell the coins they make, but don’t even realize how high their power bill had become.

Now while it is not a scam, and I agree that if you mine clever and invest ter a decent setup, you can make money.

On the other forearm, mining difficulty has enhanced so high that you need to invest te an expensive and high end setup to even make a substantial amount of income from all of the effort waterput into it.

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