Recall that during this week the activity is carried out ” Two year contract at the price of a contract for 1 year.

About nine months ago, the chief scientific adviser Bitcoin Foundation Gavin Andresen, made a rather interesting Reddit comment, te which he stated: “I suspect that many cloud services will be of mining Bitcoin Ponzi schemes (pyramid schemes)“. Ter the last two years it has bot identified several Ponzi schemes with descriptions of the cloud of mining Bitcoin, so the appearance of fresh, similar schemes te the future can be predicted. For authoritative news resource Bitcoin Magazin received an anonymous peak that one of the largest providers of cloud heshreyta for mining bitcoin – Bitcoin Cloud Services are scams, and works on the principle Ponzi scheme.

Bitcoin Cloud Services no longer pays to its customers

Cloud mining service Bitcoin Cloud Services stopped paying its customers a few days ago.

Which version of ccMiner use with your graphics card Nvidia?

Guidance for those owners of movie cards Nvidia, who do not know which version ccMiner better to use a specific graphics card from Nvidia. Recommended software of mining depends on the version Ongezouten compute, which is supported by your movie card. Below is a detailed table with a list of recommended movie cards and miners,. Keep te mind that the list of movie cards includes not only games, but also professional graphics. The ondergrens requirements for using of mining cryptocurrency movie cards Nvidia – is to support Rechtstreeks compute Two.0. If your card does not support even the outdated version Two.0, the Maini on it is not possible. Te addition to the movie card of mining Compute Two.0 you will need a special build for this particular version, spil often te latest versions of miners Compute Two.0 support is available.

Updated ccMiner 1.Five.52 fork from the SP for movie cards based on Maxwell

Wij compiled binaries based on the latest version of the source code ccMiner 1.Five.52-git by SP for NVidia Maxwell GPUs.

HashFlare – 10-20% discount on the contracts, limited suggest

Bitcoin cloud mining service: HashFlare offers its customers a discount on Ten до 20% on contracts. Attention limited offerande.

Bitcoin Cloud Services reduces the price of the contracts

recently, the cloud mining service Bitcoin Cloud Services lowered the price of the contracts. Recall that during this week the activity is carried out “Two year contract at the price of a contract for 1 year.

List of the largest Bitcoin mining pools

Te this article, wij present a list of the fattest at the uur of mining pools for cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

On GigaHash available again SHA-256 hashrate for sale

Bitcoin cloud mining service GigaHash received a fresh batch of 52 devices miners Bitmain AntMiner S5 ASIC, which came into operation te the gegevens center of the company a few days earlier than planned (June 9).

RDPmine – fresh unusual cloud mining service similar to EOBot and BTC-flow

This week on the Internet embarked an interesting project for mining Bitcoin, entitled RDP mine. Under the scheme of his work, he once recalled, projects such spil EObot and BTC-flow. Users of the service to make a deposit ter one of the supported currencies (presently, the service supports 8 most popular ones, such spil BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE, PayCoin, Monero, PPC, NMC) and buy for any of thesis currencies te the form of a cloud of its RDP. Naturally each fork a rate relative to the RDP. Price vanaf RDP = $ 1. And then he embarks mining Bitcoin c alive tegenstoot, similar to those on EObot. With this you can observe te real time how to grow your Satoshi, and then from time to time display or reinvest profits.

Mintsy – public beta-test of cloud mining service from cryptsy creators

Mintsy – cloud mining service and and lease of mining equipments for the developers of one of the oldest and largest Bitcoin forks exchanges Cryptsy, eventually launched a public beta test of its service. Now you can buy contracts for cloud Bitcoin Mining and SHA-256 altkoinov, spil well spil rent or lease of mining equipments for altkoinov other algorithms, such spil the X-11, Scrypt &, nbsp, and the other, about the same spil those provided ter MiningRigRentals.

Bitcoin cloud mining services that wij now use

The popularity of using cryptocurrency Bitcoin proceeds to grow, however, becoming increasingly difficult to mine Bitcoin at huis because of the ample mayningovyh gegevens centers located around the world. Ter addition, producers becoming increasingly difficult to create ASIC devices for residential use because of the high noise level and warmth dissipation device with a large capacity, since the industry is not standing still and that is normal to make a mining required more rapid, sophisticated, warm and noisy devices. Ter this regard, the latest equipment manufacturers are less oriented to huis users, preferring to sell ASIC miners mayningovym large companies or form their own gegevens centers for sales &, nbsp, heshreyta cloud to its clients.

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