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Large-cap cryptocurrencies may have had a stellar 2018, but 2018 hasn’t bot so zuigeling.

Among crypto assets with overheen $1 billion ter invested value, Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency may have bot the largest frustration to newer investors, declining sharply amid heightened scrutiny after a period te which it became an industry darling for fresh investors.

Still, XRP wasgoed far from alone te its sizable declines.

Bitcoin forks spotted a similar sell-off, with bitcoin contant (BCH), which forked from the network ter August, and bitcoin gold, which quickly followed, falling sharply amid a broad market decline.

Coming in January, it’s safe to say investors were high on XRP.

A key product for one of the most well-known industry startups, the digital asset won no shortage of favor from investors enamored by its objective of disrupting an oligopolistic global payments industry.

And the company provided fresh reasons for the rente. By the time XRP had become the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, three of the top five money transfer companies worldwide were said to be te the process of implementing XRP te their payment flow systems.

However, spil the month progressed, the optimism failed to keep XRP bid.

A rumored listing on Coinbase never happened, and this, coupled with a broader market weakness weighed intensely overheen XRP. Spil of now, XRP is switching arms at $0.89 – a figure that’s down almost 80 procent from its record high.

Bitcoin metselspecie

Bitcoin metselspecie (BCH), a fork of the cryptocurrency bitcoin, soared te the fourth quarter of 2018, spil investors took note of the quicker transaction speed and low fees.

Not only that, its verrassing listing on Coinbase’s GDAX exchange te December boosted its appeal, while cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx implemented bitcoin metselspecie spil its default currency ter January.

Still, it wasn’t all green for BCH, spil it dropped 41.29 procent last month, possibly due to fears of stricter regulations te South Korea and China, the latter region being one from which it draws the majority of its support.

Spil of writing, BCH is trading at $1,169, down around 72 procent from its all-time high.

Bitcoin gold

Created via a fork of bitcoin ter mid-November, bitcoin gold (BTG) surged to record highs ter 2018.

Still, despite the improvised highs, te its initial days, it wasgoed perhaps the most unloved of bitcoin’s many forks. Back then, the investor community felt BTG wasgoed overvalued with few (or no) apparent use cases.

Injecting January, it seems that sentiment won out, spil BTG wasgoed one of the worst performers ter January amid broad market sell-off.

Spil of writing, BTG is trading at $108, down 78 procent from lifetime high.

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