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A fresh Bitcoin ATM that wasgoed installed te Whistler during 2014. Photo by: Submitted from Public on April 20, 2014

A fresh Bitcoin ATM has bot installed te Whistler village by Logicoins / Genesis Coin and it is available to the public at entrance of the Westelijk Coast Float spawater which is located at Unit 7 4433 Sundial Place. This is a very central location and this is the very first known Bitcoin ATM installation ter Whistler village so far. Westelijk Coast Float is a fresh flotation therapy center that provides calming practices through float tanks, isolation pods and sensory deprivation facilities. The fresh Bitcoin ATM is only available when the spawater is open during business hours.

Evan Rose from Genesis Coin made the following statement ter a fresh release.

“We’re certain ter the North American Bitcoin ATM market.” said Genesis Coin CEO Evan Rose. “Canada has played a crucial role ter Bitcoin adoption, and wij are elated to see operators deploying our technology ter regions of the world which have bot historically zuigeling to crypto-currencies.”

A promotional photo of a fresh Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM machine that services the general public. Photo by: Genesis1

Bitcoin ATM machines have embarked to be deployed across Canada during 2013 and 2014. The digital currency is very fresh and has still yet to be adopted spil a common or reliable method of financial transactions. Many Bitcoin transactions take place everyday around the world te various countries and the digital currency is becoming more established spil each month passes.

Thousands of international travellers visit Whistler resort ter BC, Canada each year and they are expected to make use of the fresh Bitcoin ATM machine.

Extra Bitcoin machines are expected to be installed into Whistler village during 2014. There are unconfirmed reports that three merchants are presently accepting Bitcoin spil a payment method.

The Logicoins webstek shows up to have postings about various Bitcoin related events ter Whistler and makes note of the install spil a pilot project.

More information about Genesis Coin can be viewed on the company webstek using the listig below.

A Winter season view of the 7th Heaven ski and snowboard area situated on top of the Blackcomb glacier. Photo by: Matt Murray / www.thewhistlernews.com on December 11, 2008

Publish Date: April 21, 2014

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