Viuly – decentralized movie sharing

Release of the alpha version

Listing on the crypto exchanges

Beta version development

Movie sharing toneelpodium launching

Adding fresh functionality and connecting extra services

The number of active Viuly users exceeds 25 million people

Te the news

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Primarily, the company has allocated Ten 000 000 VIU tokens, which will be distributed among users for registering, uploading the very first movie and inviting friends. This treatment will attract very first users to the movie verhoging even at the alpha phase.

VIU tokens will be added automatically to your account balance on the toneelpodium for each unique view of the movie with sponsor’s advertising. At this uur, you can curate movie creators with tokens and get access to their premium content. You can withdraw and sell your tokens only after the end of the token airdrop and the beginning of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Very first of all, the prospects for the VIU are associated with the growth of the user base of the Viuly toneelpodium. The more there are users and movie views, the more advertisers will advertise their products. Due to this, the turnover and request for tokens will grow. Moreover, there will be a marketplace on the toneel, where users can purchase various goods and services and pay for purchases with VIU tokens.

All mutual settlements inbetween advertisers, content creators, users, sellers and buyers are carried out by VIU tokens, and this will directly boost the request for VIU tokens.

The physical quantity of VIU tokens is limited. Therefore, due to persistent request for a scarce resource, the cost of tokens will permanently increase.

Viuly is a revolutionary blockchain-powered movie podium, without intermediaries. A content creator uploads a movie. An advertiser adds an advertisement to it. The cost of advertising is distributed inbetween the creator of the movie and the user who has observed this movie. Everything is done automatically. The advertiser reduces his advertising costs by saving on intermediaries. The movie creator earns many times more than on other movie platforms that take 60% -70% of his income. And users are rewarded for watching movies. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Total token supply: 1 000 000 000 (1 billion)

Tokens allocated for airdrop: 500 000 000 (500 million)

Token symbol: VIU

No, there will be no extra emissions of VIU tokens.

Users never know ter advance which movie can bring them a prize and thus cannot observe a movie only to receive a prize.

100% anonymity, autonomy and safety of the users of the verhoging is due to the finish decentralization and the blockchain technology. However, wij are creating an automatic pre-moderation system of all movie files uploaded on the podium te order to avoid the upload of a movie content that affront to common sense and standards.

When violations occur, the system will automatically send information about the movie to moderators. If the disturbance is confirmed, the movie will be deleted and the user, who attempted to upload this movie, will automatically be downgraded ter rating on the podium. The moderators are users with the highest rating on the toneelpodium, who have bot randomly selected by the automatic system.

Presently, there is a working alpha version of the podium connected to several test knots. Ter the very near future, wij will announce about the creation of a distributed network of independent knots and you will be able to become one of them and receive a prize for storing uploaded movies on the podium. To be aware of all plans and events, you should subscribe to project news and also join us on social networks.

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