What is DeepOnion and how can I get them? Mining Free Airdrops

by Vikingchild ·, Published July 12, 2018 ·, Updated July 15, 2018

DeepOnion is a brand fresh PoW (mineable) and loosely distributed coin to the community (through regular airdrops). After a period of secrecy and much anticipation all the details on DeepOnion wasgoed exposed to the public this evening. Since then the forum thread has taken a life of its own, and has quickly become one of the most popular forum threads this week on Bitcointalk. The news of DeepOnions is spreading like wildfire across social media spil wij speak.

What is DeepOnion?

It is a brand fresh coin that wasgoed released on the 12th of July. The developers have taken a unique treatment to how they distribute the coin. 90% of the coin has already bot mined, of which the vast majority will be used to distribute for free to people who join the free airdrops (more on how you can receive your free coins further down the article).

The development team’s concentrate is on creating spil secure and anonymous transaction network spil possible. To achieve that they are utilising the Tor network to connect up to. Spil a result your IP address is not registered anywhere when using DeepOnion. Instead of this an anonymous Tor network ID is created for you.

Spil your IP address is hidden it makes any payments/transactions that you make entirely anonymous. Nothing can essentially be traced back to you.

The coin also boasts of utterly prompt transaction times, much quicker than Bitcoin (at the present time I have bot incapable to test this out just yet – but once I have, I will add this to the blog postbode).

How do I get DeepOnion coins?

There are two ways of getting DeepOnions,

  1. Either through their next 40 airdrops, which will be transferred free of charge directly into your DeepOnions Wallet or,
  2. You mine it (I will voorkant te a separate postbode how to mine DeepOnion – so don’t leave behind to go after mij on Twitter to be notified of my latest articles when they are released, http://Twitter.com/CryptovoreCOM).

Roadmap – long-term plans for improvement

The coin will begin trading on its very first cryptocurrency exchange ter the third quarter of 2018. Reading their roadmap it is clear the team is focusing on not only ensuring that the coin keeps on improving its technology (with high emphasis on security, speed of transaction and stability) but also on ensuring that they raise brand awareness to the general masses outside of the cryptocurrency community – spil they expose a high concentrate on marketing te their roadmap spil well. This is tied to have a positive influence on the price of the coin, once it starts trading on exchange sites.

I have chosen to concentrate on and highlight the most significant technological improvement to DeepOnion here below (that will be implemented overheen the next eight months).

  • Release paper wallet and brain wallet te the third quarter of 2018.
  • Launch of deepsend – which they describe spil their next level te block-chain anonymity, so what this precisely is about, will be very interesting to see.
  • Q4 – the free airdrops will be finished.
  • 2018 very first quarter – launch of mobile device wallets (iOS and Android).
  • 2018 very first quarter – Add feature permitting user to securely waterput any gegevens into the DeepOnion blockchain
  • 2018 2nd quarter – Supporting Clever contract – this one I am particularly keen on witnessing, are they perhaps the next challengers to Ethereum?
  • 2018 2nd quarter – Importing modern features and future advancement our blockchain technology
  • 2018 2nd quarter – More Exchanges trade-able for ONIONs
  • 2018 2nd quarter – More Shopping Sites accepting ONIONs
  • 2018 2nd quarter – ONION accepted Games
  • Further development suggest they will be taking terugkoppeling from the community te consideration for any future product development – which is very encouraging to see.

How many coins will there be?

The developers stresses that the maximum number of coins will be 25 million and that the max supply would be reached te approximately ten years – ter 2027. Eighteen million of the coins are already premined. The vast majority of the premine is intended for the free airdrops, available to anyone who goes after the guidelines of how to voorkeur the airdrops (more on how you can rechtsvordering your free coins further down the postbode). Two million coins will be mineable by the public via their X11 algorithm (I will explain te a separate follow-up blog how you can mine the coin the most effectively).

Who is the team behind?

This is less relevant than it is with most other projects, spil the coin is mostly free to receive, and therefore thresholds your risk te acquiring the coin at the present time. It is also rather fitting that for a coin that emphasises finish anonymity spil what makes them stand out, that the identity of the developers are unknown.

It is highlighted through their webstek and Bitcointalk thread that the team does consist of veterans te social media experts, search engine marketing experts (SEM) and block-chain developers – and is four man strong.

The team show up genuinely committed to wanting to proceed to produce product improvements to DeepOnion, especially when considering the level of detail they have included te their Bitcointalk postbode and on their webstek and their official roadmap.

How can I rechtsvordering my free DeepOnions?

It is actually a truly simply process and should not take you too long to do. Please do ensure that you go after each step here below and that you qualify for the free coin airdrops, spil there are certain requirements ter place to ensure that every person cannot create numerous accounts and thereby build up an unfair advantage.

  1. Your Bitcointalk.org profile vereiste have bot created before July 12th 2018, if it isn’t you won’t be eligible for this suggest unluckily and your next best bet is therefore to mine the DeepOnion or wait for it to become available across Exchange sites zometeen ter the third quarter this year.
  2. Update your Bitcointalk.org signature with the relevant DeepOnion designed message. Which one you need depends on your Bitcointalk.org membership status. Click here to select the right signature. You can find your Bitcointalk membership status by logging into the webpagina, clicking on PROFILE te the spijskaart selection above the forum. Your membership status will then be exposed on your account information pagina.
  1. Proceed to copy the relevant signature from DeepOnion found here.
  2. Go back to Bitcointalk.org and your Profile and now click on Forum Profile Information on the menukaart on the left-hand side.
  3. Insert the copied signature right into the Signature field you find here. Make sure you save your settings now.
  • Download the relevant DeepOnion wallet.
    1. Windows Wallet:
      1. https://deeponion.org/DeepOnion.zip
      2. https://mega.nz/#!YoZkUYab!JAN6YeKJp-JCfdrmlhj0w9lI_2-PthCz8LbuNPc0H0Y
      3. Linux Wallet:
        1. https://drive.google.com/verkeersopstopping/d/0B5BXJB9-z51PSjNLaTMxVHk1UWc/view?usp=sharing
        2. Mac wallet:
          1. The Mac wallet is not out yet. When the Mac wallet is released I will update this pagina instantaneously and tweet about the update too – so make sure you go after mij on Twitter here to be notified when it is added.
          2. Wait for the wallet to sync. See the icons ter the bottom right corner. This may take some time. The message below needs to show up very first. You can proceed to the next step even before this has finished syncing.
          3. Copy your wallet address from the “Receive Coins” tabulator te the wallet you downloaded. Simply click it, right click it and select Copy.
          4. DeepOnion Copy Your Address from Receive Coins tabulator

            Your Registration to the DeepOnion Airdrop is now accomplish

            Terms and Conditions apply! Read thesis cautiously spil otherwise you may lose your right for future airdrops (copied directly from the Bitcointalk forum postbode)

            • One person can register using one account, if it is found that numerous accounts belong to the same person are registered, all thesis accounts will be banned from airdrop.
            • You voorwaarde waterput the DeepOnion promotion signature, and avatar (for utter member and above) te your bitcointalk account, all the time during the airdrop promotion period. If for whatever reasons the signature eliminated during the period, that user account will be disqualified for future distributions (even you waterput them back).
            • Junior member and above are eligible for applying, new-comer is not qualified.
            • All accounts registered after July 12, 2018 is not qualified.
            • Negative trust account, stolen accounts are disqualified.
            • Dev team has the rights to reject any accounts to participate with or without a reason (of course dev team will not manhandle the right, but dev team has the final say on it)
            • To avoid quick dumps, all accounts receiving distributions will need to keep 90% of the coins received on the account, during the entire distribution/airdrop period. Any budge results greater than 10% of the airdropped coin on the account will disqualify the account from receiving more coins ter the future distributions. Coins received from other means such spil mining, bought from exchange etc are not limited and can be loosely traded.
            • To receive airdrop, bitcointalk account voorwaarde be active account, and is required to postbode at least Ten valid posts vanaf week with more than 50 characters ter each postbode. Linksom and quotes are not counted spil postbode content

            I appreciate any support ter being able to write even more articles and guides for my readers. Please find my different addresses here below. Thank you for reading!

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