What is the best investment strategy? Satoshi Safari

The best investment strategy is subjective and depends on what your goals are. Do you want to make your money back very first and then play with the house&rsquo,s money? Maybe your ter this for the long term and want to max out your hash rate overheen the very first year. No matter what your goals are for Hashflare, there is a strategy for you.

Before wij start, please know that I am not a financial adviser. The things wij discuss are based on my practice and should be taken spil such. All the calculations I use for this discussion were obtained from the excellent Hashflare profit zakjapanner linked to the right. Check out the listig &ldquo,Best Hashflare Profit Zakjapanner&rdquo, on the right to do your own te depth research.

What investment strategy options are there?

The sky is the limit and there are tons of options but wij will talk about the big three. Maximize profit. Terugwedstrijd your initial investment, then maximize profit and last but not least, maximize your hash rate. No matter what your end spel is one of thesis three options will most likely work for you.

Maximize Profit

This is what it is all about. Making them racks. To maximize your profit with Hashflare you will want to reinvest daily for a certain amount of time and then zekering. After you zekering reinvesting you will want to handelsbank the bitcoin and withdraw it when you need or want it. The amount of time you want to reinvest will switch spil the price of bitcoin switches and spil the difficulty adjusts but the rule of thumb is about Trio months. Using this method will get you the most money for your investment overheen its year long contract. This method gives you about 9 months of stacking away bitcoin after you reinvest.

This of course does not account if you spend more money to buy more contracts after your very first investment. You should play with the rekenmachine linked on the right to find the precies day to zekering reinvesting for your specific hash rate tho’.

Get your investment back and then maximize profit

This method is for the prudent investor who would like to get their money back very first, then maximize the remainder of their contract. With this method you will not touch your Hashflare account. Set and leave behind. You will let your bitcoin grow daily with your payouts until you have earned enough to pay you back for your initial investment.

The length will of course switch spil the bitcoin price switches and difficulty adjusts but presently your investment should be returned ter about Three.Five months. Then, to maximize profit, you would reinvest daily for about Two.Five months to grow your hash rate. This would give you about 6 months of letting your bitcoin stack te your account from your daily payouts with the enhanced hash rate from the reinvests.

Maximize the hash rate

This method is for the long term. This is my private choice at the uur. Reinvest everything every day. With this method you are looking to sacrifice the brief term for larger gains te the long run. By reinvesting daily your hash rate should be about 9 times higher by the end of the year contract.

When your initial Hashflare investment is overheen after the 365 days, you still have about 8 times your initial hash and can proceed to buy more daily. It is up to you spil to when you want to switch from reinvesting te your mining and when you begin withdrawing. With this method the aim is to outpace the difficulty adjustment with hash rate. This does rely on the price of bitcoin rising overheen time and is not for the faint of heart.

Which investment strategy should you choose?

Only you can make that choice and it depends on your end spel. For mij, I am ter this for the very long haul so I am going to reinvest it all daily into my mining. That may not be for you however. I very recommend using this Profit Rekenmachine tho’ to play around with the numbers. Vormgeving a strategy that is best for you. There are many ways to meet your purpose on Hashflare, its up to you to define what that aim is and how best to get there.

What is your investment strategy? Let mij know about it ter the comments below.

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