Zeusminer Supplies Lightning, Thunder, and Cyclone Scrypt ASICs For Litecoin And Dogecoin Mining

Zeusminer Scrypt ASICs are shipping.

Zeusminer has officially joined the ranks of proven digital currency companies with their latest progress update. CryptoCoinsNews previously reported on Zeusminer ter the very first week of May, when Zeusminer committed itself to a Five/20/14 ship date. Today, Zeusminer exposed that shipping of items had commenced on Five/20/14 spil planned. Ter fact, many of Zeusminer’s customers were Chinese nationals that went to physically pick up their units on Five/20/14 when they were available. For other Zeusminer customers, Lightnings, Thunders, and Cyclones are being assembled and shipped at equal paces spil you read. For Zeusminer’s smallest suggesting, the Blizzard Scrypt ASIC, they are promising to begin shipping ASAP pending delivery of re-sized cases. Spil promised, each and every Zeusminer Scrypt ASIC undergoes 48 hours of stress testing te the most strenuous of mining environments before they are packaged securely and shipped out to avoid reputation-damaging fiascos, such spil those that are presently plaguing KnCMiner. Zeusminer has also announced a partnership with GAW to provide hosting solutions to customers. Similar plans have bot announced by CoinTerra and other ASIC companies ter the mining industry.

A Critical Uur For Litecoin

[dropcap size=petite]Z[/dropcap]eusminer is aware that the shipping of Scrypt ASICs represents a critical uur for Litecoin. Yesterday, a Litecoin pool, Coinotron, reached 51% of the total Litecoin Network hashrate, a potential point of failure that could potentially permit for the unexpected loss of faith te a particular cryptocurrency. Tho’ Zeusminer is not the very first Scrypt ASIC company to ship Scrypt ASICs, they are the very first to actively raise their voice ter assuring the Litecoin community that the community’s interests are still being regarded:

Wij want to ensure the community that wij are not testing our miners for the time being at Coinotron and ask users to choose alternative pool options until the 51% threat diminishes.

The 51% threat has diminished somewhat to manageable levels at this time, however, Zeusminer is still recommending that Scrypt ASIC operators “swim” te a pool other than Coinotron. Spil has happened before ter the Bitcoin network’s transition from GPUs to ASICs, the centralization of miners becomes unbearable for brief periods of time before the average mining enthusiast has upgraded his or hier hardware. Fortunately for the network, the type of people willing to shell out ems of thousands of dollars for unconfirmed hardware are usually the type with bullish outlooks on digital currency.

Scrypt ASIC Wedren Competitors

Spil the Scrypt ASIC wedren heats up, Innosilicon is still the only other Scrypt ASIC company with a set ship date. KnCMiner and Mining ASICs Technologies have both promised to produce by the end of 2014 and emerge to be ter ongezouten head-to-head competition with each other. Fibonacci has promised repeatedly te their only forum/form of communication to start deployment of their Scrypt ASICs sometime ter July or August. Despite having promised to ship earlier than all competitors, Alpha Technology is still awaiting the successful delivery of their Scrypt ASIC chips, which have already bot taped out to the foundry, a step that some other Scrypt ASIC companies have yet to accomplish. Alternatively, Gridseed Scrypt ASICs like the dualminer USB, and more recently the Gridseed Blade, are also available for purchase right now from Chinese manufacturers and also American re-distributors. Other Scrypt ASIC companies include sfminer, Bliss, Flowertech, Alcheminer, and SiliconArt. The Scrypt ASIC wedloop is heading into its final poetslap spil “vaporware” becomes hardware running software and backed by firmware. It is refreshing to see totally fresh companies arise from the dust and successfully raise funds te a pre-order style and keep the promises made to customers. On the other end of the spectrum are scams such spil LSM Labs, which CryptoCoinsNews had the fine pleasure of exposing, just a few weeks ago. The entire Digital Currency community is impatient to see the effects of Scrypt ASIC dissemination on the overall health of the altcoin community, particularly the Litecoin and Dogecoin communities. Spil Zeusminer’s and most Scrypt ASIC company’s websites voorstelling, Scrypt ASICs can be used for more than just Litecoin and Dogecoin mining: The other coins on the horizon include Auroracoin, Worldcoin, and hundreds of other alternatives.

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